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What does brains development research mean to cheeper and its family
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Confirmed the notion of a lot of people to the newest understanding of brains development: 1) good prenatal education, 2) cheeper and the grow upping's harmonious and close relationship, and 3) encourage actively, to child lifetime grow the effect with a main move. In June 1996, "Family and job " the academy held in Chicago university the name is " the brains development of cheeper: New development of research, practice " colloquium. The conference built up the professional personage that comes from each domain such as neurology division, medicine, education, service, media, commerce, politics. Conference center topic is us the understanding to brains development and how improve the education to the child through this kind of understanding. Later development picks from " family and job " the report of the academy: " of correct head know again -- of inchoate development comprehend " .

Our understanding
The person's development depends on congenital element and acquired breeding.

The environment is compared to the influence blame of cheeper brains development general, it is affecting the child's whole and complex brain " circuit " .

The person's development and study are complete hang on heredity, nutrition, environment, take care of, encourage reach place to obtain education.

Kind and considerate attend crucial to healthy growth of the baby. Affection control ability of the child depends on he / her cerebrum ecosystem, and this one system is in its the place on childhood experience and foundation of relation kissing affection is formed. Right the deep love of the person that bring up has certain protection effect, the help bears into the child in growing come from the pressure in daily life.

The person's cerebra provides plasticity extremely. The key depends on the opportunity that cerebrum runs. Intervene the meeting that raise a point makes cerebrum is run for specific issue properly. Before 10 years of life, cerebrum is agile all the more, this paragraph of period is cerebrum fictile optimal period, we say for " crucial period " .

Certain and negative factor can produce negative effect to cerebrum, one kind this also is cerebrum plasticity likewise is reflected. These negative factors include: Unfortunate experience, lack is encouraged appropriately.

The harm that the existence of smoke wine, drugs produces to child place goes than us what what expect is even serious. These critical factors are being contacted with poor photograph normally, meet even because of poverty aggravate. The not good of economic capacity is affecting all many sided that children grow, for example nutrition, go to a doctor, corporeal environment, domestic pressure degree, the quality that takes care of daily and durative.

90 time, neurology home and the data that children expert collects proved the effect of protection and intervening cheeper thinking. For the development of each respect such as child constitution, affection, intercourse elaborate literary composition delimits, improve the life quality of a lot of children and prospect thereby. The effect of intervening cheeper thinking had gotten social consensus.
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