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How to correct the mistake of child partial eclipse
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Developing good habit is the serious content that infant period teachs. Good convention is the fundamental quality of one individual adult, grow into useful timber. Infant period plasticity is big, it is the crucial period that is used to nurturance. Good convention of nurturance of this one period and it is easier to correct undesirable habit, if when grown adult, inveterate correct undesirable habit very greatly again extremely difficult, people place says no less than " country changes easily, natural disposition moves hard " . So, the undesirable habit that this mother is determined to correct the child as early as possible is very necessary, it is a kind of liability that becomes father and mother. Should transform child undesirable habit, the key is wanting to adopt true attitude and method at the parent.

Look from the incoming letter, "Like having a meal to resemble a battle every time " , this shows the parent is on breeding manner and method not proper. The harm " that says partiality for a particular kind of food of " of value of what " nutrition, " to 3 years old of much children, she is understood not, if adopt " to force the measure that " eats, the effect will be worse, the place in resembling a letter says, "Force her to eat vegetable, she vomits " . The rejection that this is mentally causes the undesirable reaction on physiology. The result of this kind of practice is a kind of negative Xiang Jiang is changed, bring about " to be in charge of the consequence of the " that jump over flooey more necessarily.

Effectively help child overcomes the undesirable habit of partiality for a particular kind of food? To phenomenon of infant partial eclipse, parent oneself does not produce nervous psychology, want to believe, want breeding method correct only, the undesirable habit of partiality for a particular kind of food can be overcome. But cannot be eager to hope for success, of undesirable habit correctional be not definitely accomplish in one move. If the parent is eager to hope for success, appear very easily the error on educational manner and method, bring about things go contrary to one's wishes thereby.

Help child overcomes the shortcoming of partiality for a particular kind of food, when wanting to notice to have a meal in the child above all, the parent must not hang the job that takes vegetable in mouth edge to chatter repeatedly, should be in apparently desalt this thing, make atmosphere alleviates, build a kind of happy, comfortable spurt eat atmosphere. In vegetable make, color, form and flavour should notice on cook, make the child has strange feeling. In the meantime, when him parents is taking course cannot partiality for a particular kind of food, should eat with pleasure, make the child is affected by good mood, revulsive on this foundation child has vegetable. For instance, can let him fill one spoon to father, fill one spoon to mom, everybody dines cheerfully. Can eat some of vegetable when the child, mom is OK still when dine tip gives a dish of vegetable, back end gives the meat kind food. Such, the child need not suffer interference when eating vegetable, assure to be in the vegetable that hungry feeling and appetite flourishing flower take sufficient amount first, eat the meat again next kind food.
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