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If boast father runs on the freeway
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Middleaged class reads teaching material " boast father recalls day " in be like next extract: "Then boast father is taking walking stick, mention long leg, stride a stride, run like wind, towards inclined sun is chased after on the west, blinked to run 2000 lis. " recently, I listened to some provincial groom class student attends class, its education case is as follows:

Master: "Boast father blinked to run 2000 lis " , if boast father is,run on the freeway, how many time to need?

Unripe: How much is the speed on the freeway?

Master: It is horary suppose 100 kilometers.

Unripe: That wants 10 hours only enough.

Master: You are really clever! Boast father blinks to run, the rate of boast father is really rapid!

"If boast father is on the freeway,run " , I produced a kind suddenly " be like ever was acquainted swallow returns " feeling. Original, high year convention reads a text " the sun " in have such sentence: "Actually, the sun has 150 million kilometer from us far. Go to the sun, if walk, keep going day and night, should go almost 3500; Namely by air, also should fly two years " .

" the sun " medium " changeover " , how does the ground have poetic flavour! "The person can go to the sun on foot " , "The person can go to the sun by air " , this is how good will! So, such " changeover " , already figure ground was highlighted " what the sun leaves the world is far " , was full of humanitarian breath again, can speak of the result of kill two hawks with one arrow.

"If boast father is on the freeway,run " , the original intention of the person that teach also is of course those who stem from visualize " changeover " . Look from afore-mentioned education case, what also let a student experience the rate of boast father really is fast. But those who make a person regretful is, the humanitarian connotation that such education makes Chinese course rich is broken severely was short of. Because " the humanitarian connotation with Chinese rich course is right the influence of mental domain of the student is deep wide " (" Chinese course standard " ) , from most for the traffic regulation of at least, how can boast father run to the freeway?

This education case makes I feel, the characteristic that holds Chinese teacher and student correctly is not an easy thing. Chinese course is " the unity of tool sex and humanitarian sex " although had become consensus, but the relation between the reaction diversity of humanitarian sex and material of student antonym article should have " optimal union is nodded " , the teacher should realize the value orientaton of education content clearly already, also want very respect content of student much education distinctive, multivariate reaction. In afore-mentioned education case, "If boast father runs on the freeway " this problem if if the student puts forward, the guiding with pedagogic should correct even; Him teacher puts forward directly, directly under misgivings.
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