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Good-tempered -- the essence of love
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Support division husband says former Russia educationist: "When the teacher indispensable, it is the mainest character almost even it is to have deep love for children. " a teacher, if do not care a student, do not cherish a student, it is the expression that lacks sense of responsibility. One does not care a student, do not cherish the student's teacher, not be a good teacher.

On the open course that the school organizes, the class undertook more than 10 minutes, other fellow student is serious attend a lecture, the piquant king Zhang Xiaoming in the class is dallying with the knife that cut a pen. A week just has confiscated his toy small plane on, today he... I am astonied, gas is not hit come out, if be in at ordinary times, I am early with respect to rebuke he is one, confiscate his knife that cut a pen. Now day the face before so much teacher, such doing not only this student refuse to come down stage, on my face also dishonour. If without giving thought to he, not only he learns to what learning content won't, and teachers of a few attend a lecture sit beside in him, laissez-faire, ren Xuesheng does what teacher to also be no good without giving thought to. My brainwave easily, go to the side of him slowly, he discovers me abruptly, brash, a shame and panicky expression are revealed on his face. I say to him: "Now is study time, teacher of this knife that cut a pen is keeping for you temporarily first, you want only on classroom serious listen to a talk, the serious classroom that finish practices, the teacher after finishing class can return you, ? " , the aglow face of his hold back exerts all his strength nod. As expected, what Zhang Xiaoming attend a lecture changes is serious rise, active still raise one's hand answered a few questions. Naturally, I return the knife that cut a pen to him after the class, next day, he attends class to also had not played any toys again. Attend class issue of this classmate answer is particularly active, exercise also is written much more seriously, study result also rose stage by stage. Right now, I laughed eventually. A same thing, different processing kind, its effect also is widely divergent. Good-tempered -- the essence of love.
Through this class I benefit a lot, realise good-tempered the love that is pair of children, it is the esteem to the child. Indeed, the toy plays on student classroom, make petty action, action is wrong, but as the teacher, whether do we stand in the student's angle to had thought for the child, the student is in those who know him behavior is discovered by the teacher is flashy, actually he has realised he is wrong. If at that time under stretch before so the person's face, confiscate the knife of the child that cut a pen, hurt his proper pride not only, does he still have the mood to continue to finish this one lesson? Pupil age is small, lack stronger ego to control capacity, often be in involuntary in made a mistake, this needs our teacher with tolerant state of mind, serve a student correctly. Our education should devote oneself to to make him student knows an error, correct an error hard, implement ego education of the student finally. Education is the career of love, the teacher is the emissary of love. We are in call " honour division " while, should notice to go more " love is unripe " , our working object is a person, it is to lack knowledge to accumulate, discern control force is not powerful and have rich affective person. Making a mistake is the child's nature, be the child more grow, the child has the right that make a mistake, the key is how we go good-tempered, how to go guiding. Laissez-faire, that is not good-tempered, indulge however; Censure inscrupulously, satirize is satiric, sure injury reachs the child's self-respect and self-confidence, the result often can make the child abandonment.
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