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Yo expensive in early intention
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Does the child work not absorption how to do? To the age, doesn't the child wish to go up however how does nursery school do? Recently, the Yo that senses bewilderment and trouble with respect to young father and mother problem, the lady of patriarch cereal rainbow that the reporter visited Oriental ring parents to learn center.

Is the child not absorption how to do? Do father and mother should suspend impatient action first, review oneself to whether there is interference action when the child works next, if often can remind the child " should drink water " , " fruit taking a place " etc. The experience that lets the child own carry sth through to the end is very main also, help him choose a few things that accomplish easily, encourage and help his establish the interest to the thing and confidence; Additional, can choose to let him according to the age quietly game is mixed his amuse oneself, the mood that should pay close attention to constantly in the process and leads the child develops, if take building blocks, term,receive dragon to wait.

How does the child do egoistically? Parents should realise anybody is actually inborn is with " ego is a center " , only exceeding egocentric when just can appear capricious, treat calmly when the child is capricious; Avoid to let the child become domestic center as far as possible, besides can use the method such as suggestion of move, resigned, sequential Nemesis, example, must tell the child through the action and language " capricious " it is to sell the goods that does not go out.

Doesn't the child go up how does nursery school do? The child does not like the issue that nursery school may not is the child. On one hand whether we were opposite for child choosing nursery school, sufficient preparation has been made before whether is the child entering garden on the other hand. What again parents and nursery school keep very good is interactive it is very important, present nursery school hardware is very good, and also promote software and service in effort. Additional, the child's breeding is the responsibility of whole society, parental be the first to be affected, send nursery school, do not be equal to give nursery school, parents should be at ease do not let go.

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