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The basic content of preschool education
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From a lot of research discovery, the children before learning, especially 5 years old before, it is the key in life development phase period. The child curiosity of this period is strong, everything likes an insist on getting to the bottom of the matter, seek knowledge desire exuberant, particularly sensitive to a lot of things. If parents can grasp this one opportunity, offer the education that accords with age characteristic, the intelligence that can advance the child develops, lay good study foundation.   

For example the poetic song heart with famous Germany of 18 centuries, 19 centuries, in childhood when, his mother is opposite everyday his taletelling, and halt suddenly in crucial part, heart letting a song considers the following scenario then. The following day, ask before tell how he thinks first, after waiting for him to say, continue to tell a story again. The fancy of song heart is fostered gradually so namely. Accordingly, ever foreign scholar considers to discover: After the infant is born, if lack appropriate study occasion, study ability can follow the addition of the age and ebb, the intelligent level that he can reach short of originally.   

According to the research with physiological cerebra, infant intelligence develops quickly to have very close relationship with the development of cerebra of this one period. The cerebra of 5 years old of cheeper already developed to approach maturity, the rapid development that is preschool education and intelligence offerred the foundation on physiology and possibility. And if preschool education can provide rich, changeful environment stimulation, can promote cerebrum coriaceous cell bulk increases, the connection between the cell also subsequently grow in quantity. Accordingly, of inchoate education proper, affect the development of cheeper potential directly, be worth what children education worker reachs parents to take seriously really.   

Parents is coaching when cheeper, appropriate considers the characteristic of the cheeper before school age. Cheeper besides only curiosity is reached curious desire outside the characteristic, its body and mind also is in rapid development period. Accordingly, its learn reaction to contain very big corporeality, instability and optional sex, answer when coach revulsive, inspire its to seek knowledge be about to reach curiosity, should not force to engraft knowledge. All study activities should join with the life of cheeper, game, answer especially special attention interest sex. Is specific means as follows? ?   

1, correctly organization and directive sport activity, develop the intelligence an wisdom of cheeper from inside game.   

Game is the study activity with the mainest cheeper, also be the best activity way that stimulative cheeper psychology develops. The game of cheeper has a lot of sort, for example creativity game: Plane and stereo modelling, go all out stick, the painterly activity such as embossing; See a graph write a story, play puppet, story to receive dragon; Sing oneself act oneself, the act that writes along with musical freedom. Feel athletic play: Can arrange, run, jump, climb, the push-pull, skip, sport that takes the big muscle campaign such as the ball; Can arrange the clip and paste, game that plays the small muscle sport such as clay; Also can apply inspect, listen, the game such as smell, flavour; Imitate domestic role or socially character, play play house to wait a moment. Cheeper because intellectual experience is little, the ability of independent activity is weaker, because this tries to guide as far as possible when game, give active hand.   
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