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The expert reminds: Successful education begins from habitual education
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Yunnan daily net
Harbin of Xinhua News Agency on September 13 report (reporter Yuan Ying) educational expert puts forward: The nurturance of child good convention needs the parent to walk out of the error of love. Caress overly privative is the opportunity that the child assumes difficulty and setback independently, and this just is the only way that forms good will character and code of conduct. The parent removes one condition, the child is farther, this ability is the natural rule that grow.

One is away on official business outer parent, because the child was used to everyday somebody wakes ability up to get up, must nod the home to call surely finish " the task " , otherwise the child goes to school very likely be late. Another parent need not stay in the office, look at the child to had rung in alarm clock helplessly still sleep deeply, sleep to two classes to awake naturally afterwards all the time, those who face the child is panic-stricken, the parent tells him calmingly: Oneself problem has to rely on him to solve. The child does not have the thing oneself again from now on " apportion " to adult.

Sun Yunxiao of vice director of Chinese teenage research center brings the word that uses a famous person to warn quotative parent: Successful education begins from habitual nurturance. Educational core just does not impart knowledge, learn to be an upright person however. The habit is a person is deposited in neurological capital, one individual nurturance is used to well, all one's life exhaustless its accrual; Nurturance a kind of bad habit, repay all one's life not clear its debt.

Sun Yunxiao does not point out especially, if even if the a bit is undesirable,we are in those who expose to the child in daily life,the habit tolerates indulge do not increase make a comment or criticism, because blame intelligence element is misshapen,restrict its possibly to develop.

Guide habitual nurturance of the child how scientificly? The formula that Sun Yunxiao teachs is to foster good convention to use addition; Overcome bad habit to use subtration. Education child reads habit, characteristic of combinative child interest chooses storybook first, by shallow enter deep, by short arrive long. Be absent in one day, expensive holding to for a long time. The child that just went to school does not sit bench is normal phenomenon. An attentive mom watchs the son that writes line of business, drink water a little while, a little while piddle, do not come out 45 times to a hour. This mom looks to not was eager to hope for success however in the eye, be in however a proposal raised to the child before the child writes line of business the following day: The thing that before sitting down, does this has done, it is completely OK to when I see you write line of business, come out 3 times. The child falls in mom's encouragement if really little go out; Cross mom a few days to offer to decrease again again, the child was accomplished easily again. The parent's requirement is ordinal and degressive, can center energy to keep operation till the child, helped the child overcome undesirable habit already, more important is the self-confident heart that protected the child.
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