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Hold what the family teachs to spend
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Everything has to spend. Alleged degree, it is bounds, it is limit, it is the proper limits for speech or action that common saying place says.

Do each thing, must follow the pattern of this thing. Followed the pattern, do appropriate, proper, ability will be successful; Do not follow the pattern, no matter do,be less than, not be ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous takes pain to not to please namely, it is to do bad thing kindly, won't be like wish, can be just the opposite to what one wished only.

The family teachs this thing likewise such. Parenting person also should hold what live front courtyard teachs strictly to spend seriously. How does ability hold what the family teachs to spend? A few must emphasize parent attention.

Educational target is unfavorable and exorbitant. The target is to do a thing to expect achieved level. The target that the parent teachs to the child is decided exorbitantly, the child is not done, the parent is afraid when guidance difficult also competency. The target is exorbitant, inevitable try to make sb do sth which he can't do, try to make sb do sth which he can't do arises necessarily press with go against the contradictory conflict that turn over, the child is forced affirm grouchy, the parent also can force him frettedly disturbed, crazy even, it is if really ever since those who can be imagined! It is necessary to mild hope of the child. Can carry hoisting jack to carry do not carry 909, same, try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward-spoil things by excessive enthusiasm also won't bumper harvest. Measurable family teachs a target, it is the child jumps certainly can get quite, the condition that also is parent oneself certainly can be competent.

Additional, the parent still should notice breeding manner shoulds not be beyond the mark, too severe metropolis crossing be addicted to has disadvantage; Educational content shoulds not be too deep, the comprehensive and balanced development of adverse child intelligence mixes too deep education content development; Educational method shoulds not be too old, blindly command, engraft go against close child between (between education) be in harmony of channel accommodate to sb, also go against the implementation that teachs a target.

But, anyhow proper educational goal is crucial. Because, educational target (perhaps say the expectation that is the parent is worth) often decided the parent will take manner of what kind of breeding, option content of what kind of education, use method of what kind of education.

Of course, the parent's quality also shoulds not be too low. Parent quality is real to the child's influence too big. Child mother of if father, female if, those who say is this truth. Physiology gene of parents can send children, same, competence of character of sentiment of parental philosophy, viewpoint of value, morality, individual character, knowledge, also can resemble physiology gene same, the brand that effaces hard is made on filial body, affect filial lifetime. Improve parents' overall quality, it is a difficult problem, the only way that solves this difficult problem learns namely. A word, want it is better that filial good parents wants, want the child learns parents well must every day up.
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