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Successful family education makes the child healthy grow
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The child's problem always can bring those who have the parent and society to pay close attention to all the more. Yesterday, by our newspaper and Zhengzhou one in hold jointly " successful domestic education is artistic " commonweal lecture was saving people hall to score great success.
Lecture at 9 when begin, arrive continuously all the time 13 when 10 minutes, the conference that can hold thousands of person is full, well-ordered, applause is ceaseless. Yue Xiaodong of professor of college of city of doctor of psychology of haing Buddha university, Hong Kong and Shanghai teach appoint professor of mental health director, Fudan University, Switzerland Lan Dexue courtyard visiting professor piece mark is strong, apply multimedia to demonstrate respectively, told " 10 of 21 centuries child ' society ' " and " the art of successful family education " .
Teach the child 10 societies
In the whole nation 20 many cities had become lecture, Dr. Yue Xiaodong that holds the position of visiting professor of 9 colleges of countrywide, combine oneself growing experience, 10 when said 21 centuries child mainly " society " .
Yue Xiaodong says, modern society, parents gives the child the biggest best gift nothing is more... than gives the child a perfect character. Let the child grow healthily, be about church child 10 " society " :
Want to learn to bear hardships, do not know hardship now, do not know in the future sweet, teach the self-improvement in child adversity; 2 should learn to create, actually the child does not lack creativity, lack the appreciate to creativity however, the society is created even if the society succeeds; 3 it is institutional love parents, know parental favour; 4 it is institutional care mental health, can accept already praise also can be upset by unkindness, it is coequal and important that this cherishs the body together; 5 it is institutional appreciation other, admire his and admiring another person is narcissism, admire another person and admiring his is self-abased, admiring his to admire another person again already is self-confident; 6 it is institutional self-criticism, self-criticism is not ego denies, however ego is incentive; 7 it is institutional self-study, this becomes independent therefore this; 8 it is institutional ego design, know ego ceaselessly, breakthrough ego; 9 it is institutional humour, humour is the outstanding performance of creativity, also be the fine medicine that reduces life trouble; 10 it is to learn to provide for oneself the life.
5 words say with the parent
When Zhang Zhigang teachs the art in tuitional and successful family education, send parents 5 words:
The first word: Should encourage forever to the child over blame. Notice the child " ego feels " very important, a person has what kind of " ego feels " can become what kind of person;
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