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American teacher tells the story of Cinderella
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Attend class the bell rang, children run into a classroom, what this class teacher should tell is " Cinderella " story.
The teacher asks a child to appear on the stage to tell this story to the classmate first.
The child is told very quickly, the teacher expressed to thank to him, begin to quiz to whole class next.
Teacher: A which inside the story do you like? Which to like? Why?
Student: Like Xin Dairui to pull (Cinderella) , still have prince, do not like the elder sister that her stepmother and stepmother bring.
Xin Dairui is pulled kind-hearted, lovely, beautiful. Stepmother and elder sister are pulled to Xin Dairui bad.
Teacher: If be in midnight at 12 o'clock when, xin Dairui is pulled without pop-up of there's still time her pumpkin carriage, you think, may appear what circumstance?
Student: Ruilahui becomes Xindai dirty before dirty appearance, wearing shabby dress. Alas, that is miserable.
Teacher: So, you must do a punctual person, bring a trouble possibly to oneself otherwise. Additional, you look, your everybody dresses up beautifully at ordinary times, must not appear dingily before others in abrupt La, otherwise your friend should be frightened. Girl people, you should notice more, you are brought up date with the boy in the future, if you carelessly, by the look that your boy friend sees you are very ugly, they may be frightened (the teacher becomes faint state, whole class laughs) .
Good, next issue: If you are the stepmother that black luck pulls laborious, can you prevent Xin Dairui to play the ball that plays prince? You must honest oh!
Student: (passed a little while, child raise one's hand replies) yes, if my Xin Dairui is pulled stepmother,
I also can prevent her to play princely ball.
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because, because I love my daughter, I hope my daughter should go up queen.
Teacher: Yes, so, the stepmother that we see is like is bad person, they are not quite good to others only, but they are right oneself child is very good however, did you understand? They are not hellion, the child of other just loves like the child that they still cannot resemble loving their quite.
Children, next issue: The stepmother that Xin Dairui pulls does not let her play princely ball, rise door lock even, why can she go, and become the most beautiful girl on ball?
Student: Because fairy helps her, give her beautiful clothes, still turn pumpkin into carriage, turn dog and mice into lackey.
Teacher: Yes, you say very well! Want, if Xin Dairui pulls the help that did not get fairy, she is impossible to play ball, ?
Student: Yes!
Teacher: If dog, mice is not willing to help her, may she be in final hour success ground to run back to the home?
Student: Won't, in that way she can frighten prince successfully. (whole class laughs again)
Teacher: Although Xin Dairui is pulled,fairy helps her, but, the help that has fairy solely is insufficient still. So, children, no matter where walk along, we need a friend. Our friend is not fairy certainly, but, we need them, I also hope you have very a lot of more friend.
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