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How to undertake to cheeper moral character is taught
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Child quack drops after the ground, a lot of young father and mother can think of to give him enough nutrition, give him substantial knowledge, the intelligence that develops him from many sided... but to how fostering moral character of the child to consider however not much. Actually, the moral character that develops the child is very important. An outstanding children educationist has said: "Fine quality and style, still be from the child only in the cradle when begin edify, talent is promising the seed that sows next morality in child heart. Talent is promising the seed that sows next morality in child heart..

Equestrian Ka Lianke says Russia educationist before: "Correct, reasonable teach with the children that fits a criterion, than doing reeducate the job is gotten easily much. " visible, it is very important that good moral character education grows to the child's health. Specifically, can undertake to cheeper from the following respect moral character teachs:

(one) inspire the cheeper love to the motherland

It is human goodness to the love of the motherland, also be the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation and precious bequest, it is the tremendous impetus of the grow into useful timber. The tremendous strength that the rocksy from our country can see patriotic affection is thought of on Li Siguang, mathematician Hua Luogeng body.

To cheeper, develop their love to the motherland, want to be made beside. Suhuomulinsiji says Russia educationist before: "If a child connects his mom to also do not love, can he still love motherland of home town of others, love, love? Love oneself mom, understand easily, do easily, and after still can be day, undertake patriotism education lays next foundations. 

Accordingly, the parent should teach cheeper hard to bring joy to mother, father, grandfather, grandmother; Care, considerate, take care of ailing family; Delicious thing wants to let parents and family member eat first. Still can pass visit, look around, brigade exercise child appreciates the motherland the beautiful scene of auspicious land, know the motherland is having extensive territory, rich products, long culture... the edification that these can undertake love to cheeper, can they are opposite bud the love of the motherland.

(2) make child nurturance tells the civilized, good convention that tells courtesy

Begin to be carried out for a long time as a child and the behavior habit of civilized courtesy is formed. Accordingly, the parent should ask cheeper is accomplished as a child honour old love young, wait for support of the people to enrage, enthusiastic, polite; Not name-calling, do not speak bad language; Adult speaks not episode, do not interrupt others conversation; Do not turn over a thing to wait a moment in disorder when others home be a guest.

(3) rear the child not storytelling, wrong the good character that changes
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