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The child celebrates a festival, parents cannot be taught elliptically
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There are a lot of significant red-letter days in a year. How to make the child spends these red-letter days happily, for oneself, add joy for other, it is the educational content that parents cannot ignore, accordingly, might as well from proceed with of the following respects:
· uses a red-letter day, undertake concerned knowledge is taught

For example: Undertake respectable the education of elder member of family of knowledge of teacher, esteem, respect in teacher's day; 51 undertake love labor, love the working people, education that cherishs work achievement; 61 Children's Festivals undertake future is taught; 81 undertake embracing army education, guide the child to learn to the liberation army, for army members of a revolutionary martyr's family does a good work. Let the child have specific knowledge to these different festivals.

· celebrates a festival, parents needs to make good example for the child

For example: Teacher's day, parents should pass talk, communication or the teacher that go visitting his, in order to reflect the moral wind of honour division model; Mother's day, should care the father and mother that regards oneself, it is difficult that to parents platoon care is solved, make an old person gratified flexibly. Effect of this kind of education is good, with oral education each other is complement.

· lets the child participate in the significant activity in the festival

Be like 61 Children's Festivals, 54 youth day, National Day, school society should organize the activity of multiform rich and colorful. Want to encourage supportive child to enter each activity, get taking exercise in the activity, grow knowledge, make the child glad, jolly spend a red-letter day.

· lets the child and him prepare festal food together

If the Spring Festival spends the New Year,wrap dumpling, adult can take the child to be purchased together, start work together, the child gets taking exercise already, acquire simple cooking technology again, make the child passes to the top of one's bent, glad to mix contented.
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