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Take father seriously the action in family education
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The first society that after the child is born, contacts is a family, as the parents of the child that allows illuminative teacher is him. Parents is right of the child grow have likewise main effect. But we see in real life what often do not expect like us in that way. Ceng Xin of a mother has misgive ground to say to me: "The child's father everyday particularly busy, do not have time to be in charge of the child. When he comes home in the evening, the child had slept, when leaving home in the morning, the child has not waked. Every time when I and he mentions the education to the child, he always says: ' you are careful, gentle, we talent relies on you to was fostered completely. ' "

Mother attend and teach the child to regard as oneself bounden duty. Grow for the child's health, their exert one's utmost effort, rack one's brains in scheming. But rely on a mother only single-handed, gu monoculture battle, it is heart of one's previous experience of very difficult training of the talent of can balanced development. To the child's action and the part that act the mother cannot replace father is in the family. To the child's influence also the mother is likened to father's words and deeds hard.

One, growing need father of the child

In nursery school, the child that we often discover is active to the thing to the person, enthusiastic, like to interact with the companion, sociality progress is better; And some children are right to the person the thing is chiller, with the companion not quite be gregarious. Investigate its reason, likelihood and child lack father love as a child, with father the contact is concerned lesser, one considers to hint: Put in the many intense attaching between baby and father inside the first year of life. Appear when father or attendant when, the child can watch father, behave very actively, long to be embraced by father. Another investigation makes clear, the baby that 5 menstruation often contact with father, not more than those and father contact baby is stronger to environmental adaptability, they not be shy with strangers, be willing to let stranger hold in the arms, have more speech responses to stranger. Dog research returns discovery, become the child 5 years old when, stronger compassion is had after the child that bears father to attend is grown heart and gregarious ability.

Afore-mentioned research make clear, the father love to the child, care, take care of, the infection of the mood, the every act of down to father, one anger laughs to affecting his child in ground of exert a subtle influence on, to the child grow having distinct effect. Tentative idea, if did not get in the action of the father in the family some is developed answering, criterion the care that the child can experience the existence that is less than father and father, the child feels with respect to devoid psychology safety. Although the mother is breeding the child to the utmost extent, but always have in respect of child personality development defective. In social life, the child often can show adaptability poorer, human truck capacity is fragile, not easy as friendly as others get along, proper pride is not strong, the mood is not stable. Accordingly, the strength that increases father and child association should be advocated in the family, father is again busy, also want to take out time to be contacted with the child more, from the baby inchoate father is about to be held in the arms more, funny funny, hello feed the child, satisfy child affective requirement, the development of the physical ability that is the child, intellective, sociality creates a condition.
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