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Castigatory child has clever court: Keep apart a law temporarily
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Temporary segregation law is the child after bad behavior happens, immediately her park drab, insipid place. He must stay there, till timer rang later just can leave. The time length of segregation follows principles.

If parents can use temporary segregation method correctly, criterion its bad behavior to stopping the child is safe, effective, also can reduce parental life and uneasiness at the same time, it is normal to can make parentage restores quickly to come. Prove to use temporary segregation law correctly to meet pair of children produce the harm on affection without evidence at present. Punish subtle move- - temporary segregation law

So Where is the punishment that what bad behavior should be kept apart temporarily?

1. Inurbane to parents or other adult, backchat

2. Shout angrily greatly cry

3. Grab the toy of others or intended attaint toy

4. Kick a person, bite person or menace to want to bite a person

5. The neck of hold tight hair or clutch others

6. Twist a person or arrest a person

7. Make small report

8. Lay a person with the thing

9. Throw sandy soil, stone or branch to others

10. The chaos on dining table throws food

11. Intended attaint furniture or building

12. Still refuse to obey after the warning from the command, cannot stop wrong action immediately.

Appear when the child after some kind of afore-mentioned behavior, how does parents use temporary segregation method?

1. Send segregation the place the child with exceeding the utterance of 10 words and time of 10 seconds

2. With good according to principle set timer, put timer inside the limits that the child can hear the bell is noisy

3. Await timer bell noise, the child does not give any attention when awaiting

4. After timer bell is noisy, ask the child is sent the reason that keeps apart a place.

Set an example

Colourful admire to be being drawn on dining table. There is a pile of tableware to admire to admiring in mother hand say: "Collect colour pen and painting originally please, I should place tableware. "Colourful colourful the demand that ignores mom. Mom again say: "Colourful, collect colour pen and painting originally now! "Colourful colourful answer: "I had been not drawn, be fed up with! "Mom says immediately: "Time-out! This is very clodhopping. Go now toilet is kept apart temporarily! "Colourful colourful grouchy ground moves toward toilet from desk of serve a meal. Mom takes timer, set 5 minutes, put it outside toilet door. The timer after 5 minutes rang, colourful admired to return a kitchen from toilet. Mom asks: "Colourful, why should be you kept apart temporarily? "Colourful colourful say: "I am not courteous to your conversation. "I am not courteous to your conversation..

Be in the following in a few weeks, apply as the iteration that keeps apart a law temporarily, colourful colourful apparent ground reduced one's words inurbane. She found a kind of way that speaks to mom and other better.
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