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Cheeper reads the note of TV
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Cheeper sees a kind TV is inchoate education activity. However, well-known, the radiate of TV causes the negative effect of certain level to healthy meeting of the child, make a lot of parents are careladen unceasingly, even must not the child watchs TV.  

The way nature of give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk was not necessary, grow for the child's health, the parent should notice the health care that watchs TV is wholesome appropriately:   

1. Eat the food that contains vitamin A more.   

2. See TV should be apart from a television a meter of half above, of television screen centre height and eye horizontal consistent, lest the eye is easy,produce exhaustion.   

3. The brightness of the television should measurable. The stimulation of eyeball of too bright cross-eye is too big, dark also make eyestrain, best and indoor installation assists illuminant (8 made of baked clay less than) , answer relatively with TV screen.   

4. Note volume. Volume adjustment should be measured with the person's hearing, voice is too big, easy lack fidelity, generation noise; Cheeper hearing officer is delicate, its function is absent to perfect a process ceaselessly, any tiny undesirable stimulation can bring risk, can affect normal evolution of hearing; Volume is too large, can reduce child hearing; Had heard big sound for a long time, can form the defect of hard of hearing.   

5. The face should be washed after watching TV. After television open, the electron inside machine sheds ceaseless to the screen bombard, make fluorescent screen surface produces electrostatic carry on one's shoulder, electrostatic carry on one's shoulder draws action to having in air. According to detecting: There are a large number of microbial abnormal particles normally in the dirt all round fluorescent screen, such dirt Chang Jiu is added on human body skin, have caustic skin, the face is washed to the child after reason watchs TV, can protect facial skin.   

6. Eye health care is made hold after watching TV, can remove the eye is fatigue.   

7. Anthology see a TV program. The parent should choose intellectual sex program for the child, should not be strange from adventruous acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance and homicide piece, cheeper nerve development have not perfect, easy sweat from every pore sweat from every pore, bring about nocturnal Mian uneasiness, dream Jing, the child with some not profound to experience world influences is more harmful and profitless.

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