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How to establish parental popular trust
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"Present child is to jump over big harder surelysubject sb to discipline really, you say, he carries you on the head two, seeming to return is his rational " " but not, establish the parent's popular trust very hard before the child now, I am in charge of a canal sometimes he, he still says, this you do not understand. Listened to true life letting a person... " in the trouble from these two parents, OK and clairvoyant piece mostly the parent's trouble. We not copy seeks an account from parental oneself. See what incorrect authority can get the result that be just the opposite to what one wished. 7 kinds of authority that see parents is incorrect 1? 7.  

Our consult the viewpoint of a few parents, also hope you tell everybody your viewpoint at the same time.   

Viewpoint (one)  

Know foregone those ability to make sure education produces popular trust

I feel the parent's popular trust should establish the educational method foundation in effective to go up. If educational method of parents always cannot improve the child's behavior, so do not talk to go up have what authority. To my daughter, I treat her with game method, every time be successful. Cannot use such method to a bit bigger child of course, but should know the child more only, the mentality that holds the child has education, score a success can morely.  

Viewpoint (2)

Establish popular trust, the parent must do what one says

Authority lets the child produce a kind of trustful move to the parent namely, the way that relies on to preach or be beaten and scold can not build this, parents is faithful just be the most important. Although my son has 3 years old many only, but I still am scrupulouslied abide by " Yan Bixin, need all right if really " principle. Can make the child feels parents is do what one says so, can comply with self-consciously thereby parental instruction, accept the demand to him.   

Viewpoint (3)

Father to be united in wedlock to be able to establish real popular trust most with love

I am in charge of very severely to the daughter at ordinary times, even if be a bit,small error also is not let off easily, but after making criticism every time, I think method goes pacifying her, channel she, making she experiences parents love her, and the awe-stricken, counteractive psychology that won't produce pair of parents. I think this kind fathers to be taught with what love is united in wedlock, can establish real popular trust most.   

Viewpoint (4)  

Set oneself an example to others is the key that establishs popular trust

Adage says: "Its body, do not make and go, its body is frame-up, although make not from. " if want to make parents right,the child produces popular trust, above all him parents should be done well. For instance, want to correct child chaos to throw the bad habit of rubbish, you rely on to say to still be no good everywhere solely, do the child to look even, the child sees behavior nature of parents can be imitated, the requirement that also compares recipient parents at the same time. Want, if him parents impracticable thing asks the child goes doing however, how the child can listen to you? Teaching by one's own example excels teach by word of mouth, want to establish popular trust before the child, the parent must set oneself an example to others, make model.   
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