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The beauty of simple trade pattern
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Yesterday, when actor has a meal with a friend than the guest, realized the strength of simple trade pattern again. This friend, go back to the motherland a few years ago do poineering work, used 3 years of time, the company from 1 1 million RMBs, accomplish the dimensions of dollar of 3 ten million, dollar of the ten million on successful financing. What is his company doing after all? The word that uses this friend says, namely " stage printer is put on the side of cash register " . This word, is curiosity everybody brought into play rose? Right, this is the power that simple commercial pattern has.
Original, the company major servicing of this friend is consumer is in the basis inside the supermarket buy deed actually, print in real time to target consumer in place receiving silver, the privilege that extend and handles individuation, sales promotion and advertisement content, buy deed in order to affect the next time with what change them. For instance, a consumer bought diaper, extend to buy the coupon of milk powder next time to her. Discover not hard, carry sale of this kind of target, can realize brand manufacturer, shopkeeper and consumer " tripartite win-win " . Now, their sale network had covered the throughout the country 300 retail sell greatly, and built cooperation with large quantities of one well-known trademarks concern.
In the friend that abroad has lived, the big supermarket that may associate very quickly to the United States, Europe also has coupon of similar place receiving silver to print a service. Actually, this follows " beer and diaper " case is same, it is another application of data mining technology in retail domain. But the place of the innovation of this friend, depended on providing the vehicle of large-scale target sale of a tripartite, dropped brand and retail orgnaization, customer 3 person the communication cost between. Pattern of this kind of trade, be similar to minute of numerous ad agency service, but can better create value for consumer, vitality will be accordingly longer. And the innovation that go up mixes commercial pattern to send an advantage first, those who ensured they go up in domestic retail market at present is successful.

Good commercial pattern, simple, beautiful, and conceal in daily life. This guest this friend, not be the first person that sees in foreign supermarket the coupon prints a service absolutely, but it is this kind of mode moves the first one or two to home however, real present price is worth the person of the breakthrough. Look from this angle, he accords with a poineering home completely " place seeing a person all sees, consider a person did not think, the happening that makes " standard. And the another enlightenment that this case brings everybody, it is the beauty of simple trade pattern.

To the friend that the military affairs is interested in, in knowing the pneumatic appearance in battleplan is designed, have a simple principle, look namely beautiful, harmonious, let a person feel comfortable battleplan appearance, also often be the best design that accords with aerodynamics rule. Because,this is, no matter nature still is human world, good, businesslike thing, not be complex twist, understand simply however. This rule from above to below, deduce the commercial pattern with particular industry, as much effective. Investor of no less than is right the person that do poineering work often says, if you are in the elevator speech of 30 seconds, indecipherable the commercial pattern that is clear about you, that explains this mode has a problem, because it is not quite direct clear.
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