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14 this small doing poineering work profiteer classic case
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Yang Cheng's private enterprise person board in, the gold that has a sole proprietorship resembles electric welder factory, electric machinery factory and sale ministry are located in Guangzhou city old the city zone in an antiquated street alley, the office building that changes his costume or dress by illicit home housing is narrow, crowded, 34 pieces of desk add some of electric welder sample, fill in the house completely, is this looks be like pallet hut in, yu Yunchou of factory director Xie Zhong is decision-making, only the small plant punish of 400 much people gets flourishing, annual produce has 30 million yuan. The electric welding of Yu Gan thanking intermediate that is graduated from schools of an Electromechanical of Guangzhou already had 30 one row this old, during, reach street industry again to cooperative from state-owned plant, flounder choice, still be determined to jump out to work alone finally. That was 1982, the SOHO of Guangzhou still is the dew at the beginning of small carry on one's shoulder only, xie Zhong beyond bought some of shabby machine with 450 yuan, repair one time, made electric welding business. Had fund slowly, bought a machine, employ 20 much people do some of spare parts to state-owned plant. Life and vitality of long-term electric welding battalion makes thanked Zhong Yu to discover one needs the electric welder market of development.
At that time, the electric welder that people uses is much is homebred Su Shi, bulky ponderosity, use rise very no-go, xie Zhong beyond begins to consider development a kind of small-sized electric welder, 1985, he reveals a kind of new-style electric welder to coterie, the bulk of this kind of electric welder has 1/3 of electric welder of homebred Su Shi only, power did not decrease a minute however. But because be new product, and appearance is unusual, a lot of people are accepted hard, xie Zhong beyond adopts a kind primitive " pass annul " means, give new product a few fellow person use, use well, demand cost price, use not gratifiedly, machine go back, pass 10, 10 pass 100, the Xiaojin that thanks Zhong Yu resembles electric welder slowly, it is tenacious ground however occupational the market.

Science and technology opens the door

Feng Jianxiong is born in Zhongshan city family of an average farmer, father is conscientious, willingly bear the burden of hard works, the Fengjian with small age is male, want to be people to do a career one time for the country after aspire is grown.

1991 he resolutely the post that quited that Guangzhou envy making a person, return the home that gives birth to him to raise him, established to mound with the friend of a few have a common goal city electron factory. After the product puts in the market, get the client's welcome.

Feng Jianxiong found road sign through the thought that brew, the individual became rich do not calculate rich, the other people became rich just cry rich, he thinks of individual plant should develop to collective factory, make more villagers collective move toward rich road. The enthusiasm that Feng Jianxiong's tentative idea gets pressing down Party committee, town the government is led supports. In August 1992, factory of electron of this privately owned and town industry head office cooperate, established plain graceful electric equipment to create limited company, place of Feng Jianxiong people's expectations returns should go up general manager.
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