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8 years the country is taken an examination of " explain theory " true subject
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Full marks: 100 time-sharing are restricted: 150 minutes
The 1 2 3 that inscribe date (1) 3 (2) 4 5 6 always divides a nucleus to separate a person

One, note
1. This examination paper by give data and reply ask two parts are formed. Exam time limit is 150 minutes. Among them, read give a data to consult time limit is 40 minutes, reply referenced time limit is 110 minutes. Full marks 100 minutes.
2. The first problem, the 2nd problem, all examinee must reply.
The 3rd, 4 problems are restricted to enter oneself for an examination only administration executes the law kind, city (the ground) the following general management kind the examinee of position replies.
The 5th, 6 problems are restricted to enter oneself for an examination only provincial (contain deputy province to stretch tight) above general management kind the examinee of position replies.
Did not reply by afore-mentioned requirements, do not notch.
3. Show on answering question card emplacement fills in please oneself full name, enter oneself for an examination branch, fill besmear to follow textual research order.
4. When invigilate personnel announces the exam ends, examinee should stop to reply instantly, examination paper, answering question card and draft paper leave on the desk, after the member that wait for an invigilator allows to leave, just can leave.
Forbidden fold answering question gets stuck!

2, give a data
1. The water of our country can be resourceful, can use at the left and right sides of near 540 million kilowatt that generate electricity, house world the first, up to 2006, the water and electricity that develops actually is controlled in 129 million kilowatt, utilization rate is less than 25% , greatly under the developed country the development of 70% uses 50% ~ level. Water and electricity is a kind but second birth the sources of energy, but quite long period of time, the eastpart part that our country centers quite with electric bear visits town, igneous cable project blossoms everywhere. Use coal to generate electricity in great quantities, to can lasting of our country society development brings serious hidden danger.
Our country water can resource basically is centered in southwest. In irrigation works of our country water and electricity the program designs considerably before project map, can see clearly, western almost all river rivers are broken by behead of large dams by the waist. For example: In Min river, the violet level ground that building spreads a power station, outfit machine 760 thousand kilowatt, dam is 156 meters expensive, bequest of proximate world culture Jiang Yan. Cross a river greatly whole drainage area plans 356 power stations, the biggest chute channel power station, outfit machine 3.3 million kilowatt, estimation is emigrant 150 thousand. In river of billows dark blue, planned development of 14 class stair, the machine of outfit of the power station that overflow a bay that already built 1.25 million kilowatt, it is the power station with the biggest Yunnan at present. The primitive zoology catchment of angry river is saved relatively in good condition, already also planned to develop.
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