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3 pieces of scrip
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Draw near exam, everybody takes a place in the classroom, to seek assurance, I am in 3 religion 2101 and 2102 each took a place, put a book to serve as a proof, after a few days me by 2101 come to 2102, the book still is in, it is much only 3 pieces of scrip:
The first piece: "From this book I know you are big the little little brother of 2, two days come you did not come from be used to, I fear you can fail really!
" signing is " the graduation class eldest sister that cares you! " signing is " the graduation class eldest sister that cares you!!
The 2nd piece: "Those who saw this young lady leave a message, I am you querulous. , man v/arc true man fails, want make-up examination to pass only went! Do you say? " inscribe is " the brother of class of of the same age of those who have the same illness sympathize with each other " .
I open the 3rd piece again, "Actually make-up examination is connected also never mind nevertheless, alarming fall one class, such word, you can know a new friend. You can know a new friend.. - - " the one grade little younger sister that welcomes you. "

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