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Li Shanyou: Poineering know-nothing is dauntless Zhang Chaoyang is my noble
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Dispatch of Tecent science and technology steps down the Li Shanyou that come from Sohu vice-president perch, had devoted into Web2.0 spring tide, founded video shares website cruel 6 nets. On June 7 morning 11 when, 6 networks president holds cruel concurrently CEO Li Shanyou, club of president of science and technology of Tecent of be a guest, share poineering brilliant old practice with the netizen.

6 networks president holds cruel concurrently CEO Li Shanyou

Core viewpoint:

Know-nothing is dauntless: Found video shares website cruel 6 at the beginning of, do not know Youtube

When I am wanting to do poineering work, I do not know Youtube. My true clumsy, in ALAEX the rank sees later a website goes up particularly quickly, look later, the issue that we consider to do follows them very picture, increased self-confidence next, the website of similar idea is done very successfully in abroad, that can be done very successfully likewise in home. This thing is a very big stimulation to us, of very big front urge action.

To September 10 (2006) go up formally line when, I been beening the line on finally almost inside all video website of the first echelon formation, rise not quite early, drove a late market, arrived in a the Red Sea by the side of, discover competitor is so much, it is truly really in that way a kind of condition.

VC basically looks at 2 o'clock

The a bitth it is this industry, this market is quite big, he hopes to choose to compare small market now, and future is very big market.

Have again, had turned round to look, the person is very serious. The passion of itself of the person that do poineering work, quite important to the investment of the career. I feel investor sees the confidence of our group and passion at the beginning, make they are willing to throw money to our body.

Cruel 6 profit pattern

The first word earns together to have money. We are a websites that with the netizen cent becomes the first. If the netizen is in here the work that uploads him, we can insert advertisement at the back. I meet this advertisement be divided into with the author, meeting 10% expend deal out author to the advertisement of 50% .

The 2nd mode is everybody does originality. We thought of soft advertisement, the video in you inside embedded advertisement form. Combine content and advertisement the work that rise, circulating on the network is very valuable.

High grade content is video shares a website to live essential

It is a quantity big, the 2nd specific aim welcomes the person that create formerly. Made this at 2 o'clock our content has a place with others not quite same. Original creative work tastes cent to become should want many times than other work.

The sale is particularly special and important
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