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Cruel laugh exam answer
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1, geography has taught, the place with homebred most coal is Liaoning province n in, liaoning of not better than yield iron saves saddle hill, so n is called of China " coal " , saddle hill is called " iron " .
Some the month takes an examination of examination questions: Chinese coal is () , chinese iron is () .
As a result some Zhang Shi coils: Chinese coal is (black) , chinese iron is (hard) .
Take an examination of still say: How does the teacher give so simple title this?

2, some geography takes an exam: Is Hainan province teemed with () ?
Filled occasionally (mosquito) .

3, a problem that learns to grow politics to take an exam to only 1 problem wants to write a certain leader is not written piece, wrote later " me " . As a result he is become build the mark is top since school repair again unripe.

4, the additional problem that Chinese takes an exam, asking a Prometheus is the character inside what literature work, a classmate fills actually: Breath out Li Bote.
Still once, ask Zun Zhongyi is fair what to call the name, a classmate writes: Zun Lengchan.

5, occasionally teacher of the Chinese when high school leaves composition problem to be ' walk into campus for the first time when me ' . On class of comment and appraise, the teacher reads the composition of some celestial being in a class: "Walk into campus for the first time when me, it is flower and applause completely at the moment... " halt 3 seconds, "Was over " . Next whole class a wild applause! Ah, the composition of this fellow was given 80 minutes by the teacher. Also be high component oh.

6, Chinese is taken an examination of when high school, what is having the novel that a title asks report Qing Chaoguan field is corrupt, should fill originally " official circles reveal one's true features is written down " , my classmate is unable to call to mind, before today as it happens saw a few A in my home piece, filled " full Qing Dynasty 10 big cruel torture " , when our teacher still is attending class later, study his result come out.

7, when politics politics problem: Of our country () date inspects a boat to go arctic makes an on-the-spot investigation. My answer: Peaceful calm Buddhist nun restrains number.
8, Chinese takes an exam, interpret a statement. Explanation " die " one word. Answer occasionally " go dead " (want to write originally " gone " ) teacher bate...

9, high school moment takes an examination of small composition, let write the article of sex of a picture, result idol classmate comprehends picture " quality " article---Year notice of criticism!

10, physics takes an exam, the teacher lets fill " you think the physicist of the most influential force " , 3 blank space. We a name that one ox person got on 3 blank space to write teacher assuming a tax, got highest cent later.
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