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The person that do poineering work and investor
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1, the person that do poineering work is conceit normally, the person do poineering work that takes investment possibly is minority.

2, the person that take those who be less than money to do poineering work people normally course of action is to complain, complain a day to complain the ground to complain VC, won't complain oneself alone only.

3, because, the person that do poineering work did not learn conversion to think mostly, immerse oneself in the wanting to plunge into others fund with clever flatter oneself only. Of course, the person that do poineering work still feels VC does not know him for certain what doing. Right, VC sees countless projects every day, understand impossibly. Nevertheless, the person that do poineering work people did not think by what investor has money than you? Because compare you,still not be clever, know money how to should be plunged into more than you, how should earn, how should spend again.

4, investor is in the majority slashingly, this is understandable, after all this is a business. So, although take the time of the person that do poineering work to money also unlikelihood much bright. Even if bright, also be exterior bright.

5, the person do poineering work that did not take money also is done not have actually necessary blame a whole world. This is a favour probably, the money that takes VC after all also does not represent a success, the public relations that nods him hype to oneself at most is expended. In the end, return maybe involuntary discharge of urine is smelly several years.

6, the old man of a VC ever said: Giving you money now perhaps was to kill you, kill you to delay 2, time of 3 years. He at that time so say the likelihood is a kind of rejection way, but when I am recalled, I am deep think like that. Reality is such really.

7, I do not want to say what a good word for investor, because over there it is an all corners of the country likewise. All corners of the country, have euqally likes and dislikes of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. But the degree that still does not have an evil people are same bad all over the world really, hey.

8, poineering way is very hard, relatively comfortable road has, but I cannot be stated here, because that also belongs to custom of all corners of the country.

9, above is me half an year is experienced with a bit that invests a respect about doing poineering work more, make next records.

10, the article does not have any referring in particular to, hope to be helped somewhat to the friends that doing poineering work only.

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