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Student career has ended
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Dress of elementary school female teacher is super when short skirt teachs a class to writing blackboard, pants of femoral condole belt is clear and visible

Cause the deride of a student of in front of consequently, female teacher life says to him:
[You can go back now a week need not attend class]
A little while, female teacher is filling up a foot to write a bit taller word,

Bottom pants already loom. At this moment what a student of in front of gets angry again in deride female teacher again is right he says:
[You can go back now a month need not attend class]

Crossed chalk a little while to drop waist of stoop of female on the ground teacher to collect again,
See a student of in front of clears away satchel to prepare to open up greatly consequently only at this moment:
[Do you do schooltime now what? [Do you do schooltime now what??

The student feels embarrassed saying: [Alas. . . The student career that I consider me has ended]

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