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Come from the truth of Buddhism
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Extract and compile Buddhist admonition here 181, want you to remember 18 among them only, and earnestly practise what one advocates, so you are met thoroughly remould oneself, every day happy. The somebody in buddhism gives birth to essence, in buddhism accumulate containing infinite wisdom. 

One, person painful, depend on pursueing wrong thing. 

2, saying with its is others makes you painful, not as insufficient as the accomplishment that says oneself. 

3, if you do not give yourself trouble, others also gives you impossibly trouble forever. Because of yourself's heart, you are not put. 

4, well certainly yourself, do not be in charge of others. 

5, not condonable all living creatures, do not excuse all living creatures, was to suffer from yourself. 

6, never mention it other people is poor, oneself are more pitiful, him cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine how? Do oneself know life again how many? 

7, learning Buddha is the conscience to oneself is explained, do not do others to look. 

8, the person with blessing insufficient newspaper, often can hear dispute; Blessing signs up for enough person, had never heard dispute. 

9, the time that cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is an a bit. 

10, in the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in suitable condition, can never become Buddha. 

11, all living creatures that you want acknowledgment to give you adverse circumstance forever. 

12, you want at any time dicey, because you are a person. 

13, you want condonable all living creatures forever, no matter he has many bad, even he has harmed you, you must be put down, ability gets real pleasure. 

14, this world is anguish originally, do not have exception. 

15, when you are happy, you want, this joy is not lasting. When you are painful you want this anguish also is not eternity. 

16, know oneself, prostrate oneself, change oneself, ability changes others. 

Seventeen, now clinging, meet those who cause tomorrow regret. 

18, you can have love, but not clinging, because depart is inevitable. 

19, on the place that the life that does not waste you can regret certainly in you. 

20, when are you put down, when don't have trouble. 

21, the heart did not part heart, it is true ascetic. 

22, learn Buddha the first idea, do not see the mistake of all living creatures forever. You see the mistake of all living creatures, you pollute yourself forever, you are far from likely cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. 

23, you are like the unpremeditated crime that sees all living creatures and dispute everyday, you are about to repent at once, this is cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. 
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