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Have feeling at " renown division "
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I do not know everybody to " renown division " measuring is a what kind of standard, be alleged expert approbate, still be the admiration of person of the same trades. I think the student's opinion may be more principal.

When remembering going to school, have a musical male teacher, musicology courtyard specialized subject graduates, this sees rarely at that time, the likelihood because his oneself quality is good, become the leader of musicology division. Often a lot of this schools or other school teacher, leader listens to his class, often also can hear him to win this award, get the information of that award. Then, he also became great master naturally in the eye " renown division " , the student that can become him as me the student's also times feeling is complacent. Final, he put a paragraph of music, letting us judge this paragraph of music is to use those who describe what animal. I answer: "Elephant! " he saw me, cold say: "Are you a pig? ! " the what that also does not write down so that he fills on my report, I had grabbed report, want to leave the teacher like this devil quickly only. Had never sufferred so big defilement, my proper pride is stimulated strongly, for this, I am depressed very long. I abhor musical class! So up to now, I do not know even staff, but the eyes that the sort of Pi of musical teacher inspects, that evaluation, plunge into the heart that takes me deeply like a needle however in, but this old division commander is what kind of I did not remember.

Common saying says to love me, because like a teacher, and like to attend this class, because be fed up with a teacher,also meet, and be fed up with a class. Because I have deep experience, admonish so the student that oneself do not want to let me is harmed because of my ignorance, as a result is fed up with this course.

We are not taking halo to look " renown division " , feel not always also " renown division " too distant from us, actually he is beside us, be in we among them.

The main demand that makes a teacher should love a student namely, go serving each students fairly with sincerity, cannot balance at this o'clock, also lost the qualification that becomes a teacher, more what to talk about " renown division " . As the teacher, can foster health of heart of one's previous experience, the student that heart wisdom body admits in the round; As the teacher, can help the difference that help of short duration up be born, those who make them can ceaseless transcend self; As the teacher, what can discover every student goes up personally is bit flashier, help them be built face the society, self-confident heart that faces future, proper pride, and gritty perseverance; As the teacher, can help a student find the study method that suits his; As the teacher, can get a student love and admire...

All these, it is the person of the same trades of those my admire making a person, with their real operation, those who use them is altruistic pay, the arduous sweat that uses them tells me. Although their the top of head is done not have " renown division " dazzling aureola, what admire without Ling Renyan is honorary, without the applause of as one falls, can be in my heart, they are a division, renown division also is like them general and ordinary, silent and cultivated, pay without regret.
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