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Experience of part-time job of summer vacation college, share together with you
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Summer vacation arrived again, write bit of thing, the help issues the undergraduate that has not graduated
Everything all, you do not wish to begin, you accomplish halfway and expend, be because you always consider a part-time job not to make money namely,? Which have so profound thing, so you lack self-confident heart, with the courage that insists to had been done. You can say study is so busy, occasionally which have time? The undergraduate's greatest crammer him in other words does not have time, but you mostly what is time doing, be clear about in ourselves heart. Computer game, bubble, QQ chats like elephantine high school student law, stay a long time in district of forum fill water, pursue a girl, sleep (before dawn 2: 00- afternoon 3: 00) the time that sleeps than dot is long still, don't you admit? Because myself also has had same life, my roommates still are experiencing same undergraduate to live, my purpose is not the life condition that wants to change you, but hope you can accept a few concepts, hold 4 years finite well, is not dull spend.
2, comprehensive analysis, doing those who suit oneself is right

We consider from investment gain rate, if you hold two or more posts concurrently had been done, study was lost, your redound is 0; If you are both interact, then you the loss outweights the gain, fall to an experience only; If the control of both balance, in skyline this is stuck child on, that is my experience. Keep medium in study slant go up every months to still can be earned enough oneself living cost, have spare cash annual 51, 11 go travelling, receive my mom last summer even, the mother that did not walk out of home town all one's life travels to the city of my institute study, consume 1000 multivariate I use scrape up of two many months.
Your meeting curiosity is I made a very good trade, have a very good salary, does light light Song Song make money? NO, NO, I say the whole thing doing more than 10 works is traditional industry completely, be decieved have, low-down also have, also took many roundabout way, but every are done always experience is accumulated, you should learn to continue to discover an opportunity, use the experience of A in B job, because the opportunity always is some, you should foster the eye that you are good at one pair observing, so called insight.
Alleged and comprehensive analysis, it is you should understand yourself. A lot of classmate graduation applied for a job quickly to still do not understand his, what to know oneself suit to do? The disposition that you analyse yourself calmly is idiosyncratic, popularity concerns, like specialty, if you talk to blush with stranger repeatedly, that still goes to the school first association takes exercise take exercise, go doing the part-time job that sells a field again. If the course of your this semester is too much, that put holiday to do; If you time is opposite in the evening very idle, can choose the work that does in the evening; If you are in an university,the city of the place has the word of net of kin friend concern, these relations introduce make the most of, assure safety; You even often market of net of the evening paper of advertent this locality, life, Huang Ye, talent, make friend with the elder sister of senior fellow apprentice that has had pluralistic experience, discovering what job suit you. Do not take too much utility heart additionally, go trying the job with a kind of meager pay, body hits the life state of social ground floor, your heart just can face an any jobs calmly. At the beginning starting point is very high often not be meddlesome, a the first pace is stepped after you need him analysis.
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