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The teacup is in on, kettle is falling
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The youth from a great distance that one person is full of disappointment comes to the law 6 temples, to abbot Shi Yuan bonze says: "I should learn painting intently, but the teacher that did not find to be able to make me satisfactory up to now. But the teacher that did not find to be able to make me satisfactory up to now..
Shi Yuan laugh laughs ask: "Your journey north and south ten years, fail to find a teacher really? " the youth sighed deeply to say: "A lot of people are to have undeserved reputation in vain, I had seen their picture, some picture ability are inferior to me even! " Shi Yuan listened, light laugh say: "Although old monk does not know painting, but also love to collect high-quality goods of a few a person of academic or artistic distinction quite. Since the picture ability of almsgiver is not as inferior as those a person of academic or artistic distinction, irritated ask almsgiver to keep a treasured scrolls of calligraphy or painting for old monk. " saying to bade fetch of a small bonze writing inkstone and one crowded rice paper.
Shi Yuan says: "The oldest habit of old monk, love to taste namely drink tea, love those modelling especially the tea service of fluent of primitive simplicity. Can be almsgiver denied draw a teacup and a kettle for me? " the youth listened, say: "This is not easy still. " moved one inkstone thick black then, spread rice paper, pen of very few number, the jug that gives one person to tilt with respect to the picture and a teacup of modelling elegance. The crock mouth of that jug is spitting boiled water of one arteries and veins to come slowly, infuse arrived in that teacup. The youth asks Shi Yuan: "Do this draw your satisfaction? "Do this draw your satisfaction??
Shiyuan laughs slightly, shake one's head.
Shi Yuan says: "You are drawn really well, just mix kettle the teacup puts amlposition place. Should be a teacup going up, kettle is falling. " the youth listened, laugh: "Why the Great Master is like is this muddleheaded? "Why the Great Master is like is this muddleheaded??
Shi Yuan listened, laugh slightly again say: "So you understand this reason! In the cup that you yearn for yourself can infuse of those painting ace sweet, but you always put your cup even higher than those kettle, sweet how can infuse in your cup? Gully cereal lowers him, ability gets running water of one arteries and veins; The person lowers him only, ability is sucked the wisdom of others and experience. Ability is sucked the wisdom of others and experience..
Youth consider a long time, eventually suddenly be enlightened.

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