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Chinese of junior high school of city of 2002 Zhan Jiang measures experienced pr
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(Time: 120 minutes are over a full marks: 150 cent)

One, accumulate with apply (20 minutes)

1. In following term, add braille phonetic notation to have by accident one group is (2 minutes) ()

A, scrupulously abide by (K è ) unfamiliar (M ò ) pry (Ku ī )

B, blazing (Ch ì ) beware of (D ī ) solace (J í )

C, straightforward (discontinue one's studying of Gu ǎ Ng) (Chu ò ) feed (B ǔ )

D, grouse (M á N) repents (attainment of Ch à N) (Y ì )

2. The group goes below sentence medium wrongly written or mispronounced characters and write correctly in bracket. (2 minutes)

Yesterday towards evening, a cloudburst is brought send mountain torrents to erupt, hill body is developed Ta, answer lid block broke many hill mud an only road. () () () ()

3. Correct the faulty wording or formulation in following sentence. (4 minutes)

(1) class of the first biology, the teacher introduced to concern the knowledge of a lot of mankind origin to classmates.

Correct: __________________________________________________________________________

(You must arrive at 2) on time, otherwise if you do not arrive on time, cannot catch up with last boat.

Correct: _________________________________________________________________________

4. Copy is written (optional one problem replies) (3 minutes)

① follows the sentence below writes a paragraph of word, use the term that increases a point.

The autumn, mature gains is low however close, it is not in indulge in self-admiration, also not be in narcissism, not be to bewail oneself will decline more branch. It is to thinking: How mature am I?

② follows the illustrative sentence below, develop oneself imagination, complement the sentence complete. (Optional two reply can)

Of the sea magical, because it has the sun,be, melt sunshine, chi Chen olivine cyanine is violet the palette that all closes at oneself; Of the sea powerful, because it collects harships thunder,be, turn natural mighty force into his energy; The gain of the sea is big, because,be its __________ ; Of the sea profound, because,be its __________________ ; Of the sea rich, because,be its ___________ ; The eternity of the sea, because,be its ________________________

Answer: The __________________ of the sea, because,be its __________________ ; The __________________ of the sea, because,be its __________________ .

5. The child that because help a be lost,Xiaoming is in on the road searchs his pa Mom. Was late. To the teacher's interrogate, xiaoming both neither thinks project oneself, do not want to get again the teacher's criticism, he (she) how should say ability achieves above goal and appear natural and decent? (Do not exceed 40 words, 3 minutes)

Answer: Xiaoming says: ___________________________________________________________________ .

6. Write from memory or press clew fill a vacancy. (6 minutes)
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