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Differentiate and analyse, modification disease sentence aggrandizement trains a
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1. Be in textual on modification disease sentence.
(We learn 1) " naval bodyguard " heroism of Comrade Wang Wei is dauntless.
(Party Committee of all levels began 2) the activity of rich and colorful, congratulate Chinese Communist found a party 80 years.
(Shenyang city is medium 2001 examination questions)
2. Revise following disease sentence.
(The primary purpose that development of 1) socialistic nation produces is to improve people living standard.
(2) although Japan again and again beautification aggression act, but cannot conceal historical fact. (Henan saves the examination paper in 2001)
3. One when do not have faulty wording or formulation is ()
A. Newcome king teacher left good and deep impression to us
B. See a lot of face colored flag and sound of a carol into the assembly room.
C. All member of red Yang Zhongxue did not enter afforest activity.
D. The classmate of our class hopes become to have factitive in the future
(The Anhui province is medium 2001 examination questions)
4. Following sentence does not have faulty wording or formulation -- it is ()
A. He can seek an increase for most person, behoove gets everybody's compliment.
B. Whether to have good psychological quality, it is one of conditions that the exam obtains good result.
C. Large quantities of intellectuals that 21 centuries need to have scientific culture go building the motherland.
D. In studying practice, we should be good at using scientific study method.
(Hangzhou city is medium 2001 examination questions)
5. Following sentence was not (a of faulty wording or formulation)
A. Please this thing you are not put on the heart.
B. His early generated strong interest to astronomy and maths. C. Tell us from inside many fact, environmental disaster does not have national boundaries.
D. His composition not only the needle is risked in entire school, and the coronal that often occupies whole class.
(Guangzhou city is medium 2001 examination questions)
6. What following sentence does not have faulty wording or formulation is ()
A. The president asks famous mathematician to give advice or comments the problem that classmates encounter in study.
B. This novel modelled the achievement of brightness of a communist faultlessly.
C. The political situation of stable solidarity, it is the key of success or failure of modernization of our country socialism.
D. Sand and dust from Inner Mongolia a few desert degrade circumjacently careless field and dry land sweep, heibei of by way of, arrive at Beijing ferry.
(Inner Mongolia is medium 2001 examination questions)
7. Single out a (that there is faulty wording or formulation in following sentence)
A. The library that built 1958, now almost dangerous house.
B. Should prevent at this moment in order to slant without exception complete, one leaf my purpose is one-sided and impatient mood.
C. This kind of myth is one kind when people cannot know the Dead Sea to fashion a process guesses.
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