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My in take an examination of a result to experience- - write rise first the clas
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This year in take an examination of achievement to be announced, the heart that I am hanging was put at long last -- , this in the achievement with took an examination of me to obtain better. Glad, I think the result that in talking about my to attend, studies is experienced, the hope can give rise the classmate of 3 is helped somewhat first.

First 3 it is a very crucial year, in be faced with because of it, take an examination of, and in a taking an examination of also is life main turning point, because this must be treated seriously. From now on, be about to have sense of urgency, cannot rise to insecurity of the ability when semester swift end absolutely, especially a few foundations not very solid classmate.

Just rose first 3, some homecoming object, the time that in thinking to leave, takes an examination of is very long still, have a plenty of time, but, "Many a little makes a mickle, many a little makes a mickle " , notice learns and review be a successive to accumulate a process. First 3 phase, especially in a few months before taking an examination of, just be to be in at ordinary times practice further on the foundation, rise just. Accordingly, in phase of whole junior high school, must lay next solid foundations. Accurate study method asks we attend class serious listen to a talk, make note frequently, think actively, after coming home, review seriously, the full operation that the teacher that finish decorates, the content that attending class the teacher is careful " digest " , " absorb " hind, go accepting new knowledge again. "Lukewarm know so new " the study result that ability gets get twice the result with half the effort.

Everybody because the element such as oneself potential and hobby, the achievement of each division is lopsided commonly. This asks our everybody learns a circumstance to have a comprehensive, objective understanding and opinion to his: What is his strong point, what is his weak sports, arrangement of important place having side learns and review time, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, ability obtains best study result with limited time. For example I am interested in science department relatively, the comprehension that logarithm manage changes is stronger, accordingly I go up in these a few classes, relatively a few more floriferous time, and relative to the weak sports at me -- , liberal art, I besides when attending class at ordinary times, understand as far as possible, absorb, outside the task that the teacher that finish assigns, the time that uses when review is relatively less. This in one's deceased father, I produced my advantage adequately, maths 117 minutes, manage chemical combination coils 115 minutes, filled my deal out below liberal art decline to come back, obtained better result on the whole. "The bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger " , fighting is such, study, exam also is such.

The element of exam achievement stand or fall admittedly a lot of, also there is no lack of sometimes accidental element, but I think the the mainest, primest factor is subjective element, namely oneself subjective effort. Adverse objective element can get redeeming through his subjective effort, good external condition just can produce effect through subjective effort only. I am very lucky, alma mater of my junior high school -- always bright middle school built a favorable learning environment and atmosphere for us, arduous education of the teacher helped us lay solid culture foundation, plus oneself effort, relatively ideal result was obtained in in making I am in this, be being taken an examination of, entered city key school -- Xiang Mingzhong learns.
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