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Shanghai chemistry: Computational ability is become break a little bit minute ge
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The basic knowledge of chemical course and basic technical ability learn weller: Coiling completely in 21 little problems, the basic knowledge in belonging to "8" and basic technical ability take an examination of those who nod little problem to notch rate, great majority achieved 85 % above. If the 6th big problem is medium,the book of diction of chemistry of the 27th little problem is written, notch lead 93 % . In corporeal knowledge and basic idea the 29th, 34, 36, 37, 39 wait for little problem, notch rate all be in 90 % above. Be like the 32 little problems in experimental subject again, notch rate be as high as 96 % .

(1) read study strategy level to rise somewhat: It is new simple study scene no matter, still have the new problem scene of certain and integrated degree, after can better land reads the student, undertake solving a problem.

(2) reflected the change that way learns in education at ordinary times, be like 46 little problems, reflected a student to had mastered " the process that studies scientificly and method " .

   Basic knowledge and basic technical ability are not quite strong

■ basic idea is insufficient Qing Xi is firm: 30, in the following beverage and food, those who belong to solution is... ... (    ) A, soya-bean milk

C of B, milk, mineral water

Arrangement of D, conserve is in choice title relatively in front the little problem of position of the 2nd little problem, ought be to notch the fundamental problem with higher rate, but of this little problem notch rate have 72 % only. The reason that lose cent is mixed to afore-mentioned food besides partial student the specific knowledge of beverage is not quite clear besides, also be an element basic idea is insufficient Qing Xi is firm.

■ corporeal knowledge masters not quite solid: If fill inscribes medium the 41st little problem, notch rate have 71 % only.

41, corporeal use is general closely related the property with material. Some classmate undertakes inducing according to this rule, arrange, ask you to help his complement fill a vacancy:

Hydric property should fill in density is the smallest, and fill in stability or quality compare air to wait for wrong answer gently.

The property of carbon monoxide should fill in reproducibility, and the fault is filled wait for the answer for combustibility.

■ the memory to insignificant material, still have certain deficiency.

Be like 45, (1) sketch map of following and atomic structure place is denotive in the element, chemistry is the stablest is (  ) A, B, C, D, (2) from inside afore-mentioned elements, choose proper element to comprise saline apperception to close matter, draw up its chemistry type: .

Of this little problem notch rate have 72 % only. The reason that lose cent basically is: The sketch map of a few kinds of atomic structures that remembers to the requirement in chemistry of junior high school did not remember, lose cent so.
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