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Chinese of junior high school always is reviewed detect integratedly problem
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One, (4 minutes) coil completely write cent.
2, (20 minutes) finish below 1, 7 problems.
1. Correct below each groups of medium wrongly written or mispronounced characters, will right word is written inside bracket.
 ① examine colour watchs lubricious   mirage   spirit is hale and hearty
 corrects: (    )
 ② volunteers   is beneficent justice the   that use up   unity is strength
 corrects: (    )
 ③ is in a complete mess   of dirty gas of   black smoke is arrant
 corrects: (    )
Talent of    ④ comes forth in large numbers   makes persistent efforts   tries eye in order to wait for
 corrects: (    )
 2. Write a word according to article meaning and phonetic notation.
I shut  Chai Men: Yi(    ) the window sits down, see my small peach tree, branch is shaken by harships Han(    ) move, the flower fell pieces, most defect is in mud. It became thin a lot of, the appearance yesterday is perfect Tui(    ) used up. Alas, how I am proud former days, how Jin(    ) hold, also be a weeking so.
 3. Read below a poem, free an angle writes script of a few sexes that criticize an aspect.  of Du Fu of  of   of   of Chun Yexi rain
Good rain tells time, when spring happen therefore.
Slip into night along with wind, benefit other people is fine breathed.
All of cloud of  wild diameter is black, river ship fire alone bright. 
Dawn visits red wet office, the flower weighs city of bright and beautiful official. 

Criticize an aspect: 
 4. Point out below write " mustache " sentential place delineator content.
Some of bruise is placed constantly between  ① furrow, a jumbled grey mustache. (  of       )
 ② beard very punch a hole, the body of be subordinate to that is like thick Chinese ink to write " one " word.  (  of       ) 
 ③ is breathed out, this about! Mustache is so long! (  of       )
 ④ meantime comes in black lean gentleman, character 8 beard, wearing glasses. (  of       )
 5. Article of classical Chinese poem writes fill a vacancy from memory.
On mark of  ① liver mosses rank green, , , come-and-go does not have Bai Ding. , read golden classics.
 ② my desire returns by wind, , . , he Shi is in the world.
 ③ is wild fragrant send and a faint fragrance, , , , shanjianzhi the four seasons also.
  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of  ④   , . Promote evening to answer a boat, .
 6. Fathom below sentential characteristic, learn to use this to plant a type write a sentence again.
 old person resembles the child to oneself to the tree, never be willing to part with or use is destroyed, even if oneself live shed does not have a purlin, even if him be unable to get something to eat meal, unripe not on fire, also had not destroyed a tree.
  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of     
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