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At present everybody is being taken an examination of in receive, as this year's it is good to write that 3 students are in certainly first the composition is trying hard, estimation is taken an examination of from inside beginning now, every student can drill at least write 10, 20 compositions, so you should as far as possible try every means " the literary works that lets you is a bit more beautiful " .

   Make article caption a bit more beautiful

The subject that the composition studies in the last few years goes out very beautifully, be like " I also had held Lan of a Qing Gan " " I want to sing a song " etc. The title is the eye of the article, window. Beautiful title resembles magnetite, what can attract a reader at a draught is binocular, arouse a reader to read a desire strongly. Have the theme of some of meaning meaningful, still can make the reader is savoured repeatedly, for a long time is unforgettable.

Take an examination of in outside dividing complete proposition, do not eliminate the possibility of composition of half proposition, material, composition seeing a picture, want to draft a title oneself likely at the appointed time. Write the composition of a concerned mother for instance, besides " my mother " " I and mother " outside, you are OK still protocol is " the smile for the mother " " the silver-colored silk that looking at mom head to go up " " of mom " 100 treasure chest " " " not tender mother love " etc, the title of the article is accomplished as far as possible novel, marked, oneself feeling, the thematic confluence of the detail of the character's feature, movement or article is in the title, it is good when the exam to if want to draft a title oneself,must be done hard, experienced at ordinary times pen should be paid attention to more draft a problem, this inscribes ability and writing level to raising careful also not without advantage.

   Make article content a bit more beautiful

"Contented thought does not depend on utterance richly, it is brought with proud is content, not be feint. " the essence that this logion of Shakespeare speaks a writing: The beauty of the article decides the beauty at content.

Content wants fresh and true, avoid by all means violates the moustache that the life often manages to make up chaos to build, avoid by all means is curt move with old millet sodden sesame seed; Content wants specific and sufficient, fragments of avoid by all means, be short of brachial ancon little ham; Content wants condition intendment is cut, avoid by all means pretends to be attitude, make a fuss about an imaginary illness. Of Mr Zhu Ziqing " back " the example that one article is this respect namely, read well read it, read a few times more, with respect to the beauty that can comprehend its content.

Everybody mights as well preparation some " only I know " be experienced personally in the life or the material that saw with one's own eyes witnesses, go writing attentively, such meetings make the content of the article a bit more beautiful.
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