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In preparing for war, take an examination of: Kind of classical method solving a
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From in last few years of countrywide each district in take an examination of examination paper analysis to be able to see, individual choice inscribes take an examination of a dot to basically distributing in: Noun, verb, adjective, adverbial, pronoun, article, conjunction, preposition, modal verb; Tense, voice; On all sorts of acceptation differentiate and analyse, word order, different subordinate clause and intercourse diction.

When doing individual choice to inscribe, classmates are divided outside should having solidder language ABC and Yu Sai of be apt to to take an examination of, mastering a few solution to inscribe a method is very be necessary.

   1.Direct way- use correlative law knowledge directly namely, in working through the problem already supplied information, take the cue that solve a problem, reach the solution of right answer inscribes a method thereby, exemple:

   ---Internet bar of Will You Come To The Net Bars() With Me?

   ---Sorry. My Mother Always Tells Me______ There.

A. Not Go B. Go C. Not To Go D. To Go

Basis sentence meaning is knowable the negative form of type of adventitious of verb of this problem check, namely Tell Sb. Not To Do Sth. , this problem should pick friend C.

   2.Keyword law- there are such a few words in a lot of titles, they decide to fast and accurate ground the action with the crucial move since the answer. We call these words the keyword (Key Words) . Find a medium keyword, also find the breach that understands a problem, exemple:

He Hardly Hurt Himself In The Accident, ______ ?

A. Doesn't He B. Didn't He C. Did He D. Does He

The Hardly in this problem and Hurt have keyword effect. Every allegation contains Hardly partly, never, little, when the word of the negative meaning such as Few, turn over meaning question to use affirmative form; And the past type of one word of Hurt and original shape are identical, here Hurt did not add S, should be past type. Because C of answer of this the subject is correct.

   3.Analogize law- if purpose of to the question chooses the answer to do not have fully very hold or hold very small, might as well use " if A is right, so B is right also " analogize law, can give A, B thereby negative, exemple:

   ---Who's The Man At The Door?

   ---______ .

A. He Is A Doctor B. He Is A Friend Of Mine

C. He Is A Famous Singer D. He Is Twenty

Anatomize chooses the answer to be able to discover fully: What option of A, C is aimed at is " profession " . If A is right, so C also can be right. What D replies is the age. Reason only B just is correct.

   4.Around coordinate law- this method is multi-purpose the title at two above sentence or conversational form proposition. Before solution is inscribed, lucid understanding, contact context next, catch implicit information, square can accurate find out the answer, exemple:
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