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Before Chinese taking an examination of in, exhort: 3 notice cannot little
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1.Careful problem, answer be asked surely.

Careful problem, be answering question the first close. Do not be afraid of a trouble, also do not fear lose time, to the question looks at least ground of word for word is read twice, make clear what is the requirement of the subject, next begin to write or paint. If choose a problem to must make clear,be to choose " be " still choose " blame " ; It is to choose " individual " still choose " multinomial " . Essay question must make clear what is what what ask. Composition problem includes title, clew, requirement commonly 3 parts. Outside undertaking checkup except the subject matter to civil problem, stylistic, limits, still must read seriously " clew " with

  2. first easy hind difficult, do not abandon absolutely.

Have in examination paper design difficult, medium, easy the problem with 3 kinds of different level. To every examinee, because of reviewing a case different, also can appear the problem that oneself think to compare difficulty. The problem that encounters oneself not to answer to go out at a draught (difficult problem) might as well put first, the confident problem that can become oneself finishs first, had turned round to come redo difficult problem. Such energy concentration are OK breach difficulty. But do not abandon easily. Although cannot reply satisfactory, also should do one's best those who know answer come out. Read examination questions must very serious, careful, to imprinting in the examination questions on examination paper hemline or horn, should notice especially, must not leak answer.

   3. notices to master time, take seriously check.

Examination time is nervous, it is good time allocation to when practicing at ordinary times, be about to exercise oneself conciously. ABC of Chinese examination paper and read can calculate one part, writing calculates one part. The situation of examinee is different, allocate to the use of time also each are not identical. But popularly says, or make experience talk, ABC and read the 30%-40% that takes examination time, the composition occupies the 40%-50% of examination time, the time that takes again undertakes checking. Answer examination paper, checking is indispensable. If time is abundant,can chase a problem to check. The subject must view first when checking, check the answer again, such ability know whether he replied in the light of the problem, avoid by all means sees the answer do not see the way of the problem only. If time is pressing, can be opposite key problem (cent cost is high) undertake the key checks. To the problem of fish, can decide be a mistake to be corrected stoutly; Take forbid follow the first feeling to go, cannot Tu Lai changes, change more the bottom is done not have more in the heart, can change those who be opposite probably wrong.
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