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Chinese ABC detects problem
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One, language foundation and apply (this big problem in all 36 little problems, it is 4 minutes except 19 little problems, 25 little problems are 3 especially, the others each are small the problem all is 2 minutes, in all 75 minutes)
A. Peaceful   should be mixed   of   knead dough is downy
B. Invite applications for a job of   of call of fenny   of declare publicly  
C. Fiber of   of annihilation of   of migratory   confess
D. Continue to hold a title   of   a Buddhist monk clarifies   lovely wowan
2. Mistake of pronunciation of word of line of the picture in the term is a least group (    )
A. Cannot be held back (D ā Ng) 3 years 5 carry (Z à I)   burns book hole Confucianism (R ú )   does not offer as a gift (Y í ) strength to spare
B. A grim and grave situation (Hu ì ) miasma of   black smoke (Zh à Ng) gas fox is dead head (Sh ǒ U) grave foment dissension (Ji à N)
C. Time excessive (Y ì ) colour) ferry (J ī N) ferry has taste self-evident (Y ù )   vomit (ō U) heart drop blood
D. Do not save (Sh ě Ng) human affairs restrains (N à I) do not live gentleman originallies (G ù ) distain thoroughly (Xi è ) argue

3. Below the phonetic notation that line word draws in the term, paraphrase all is a correct group (    )
A. Bird's eye (K à N) explain of   of look down at (explain of Sh ǎ N is white) narrate can fill frequently clumsy (Zhu ō is stupid)
B. Do as one pleases (Z ì is indulged)       evil spirit (Sh à very, extremely) white   unmanned make inquires (crossing of J ī N)
C. Jie Yi (Y í cheek)     is inconsiderable (Xi è is petty)       is touched (Zh ù is contacted) kind bypass
D. Kill (L ù is killed) ablaze of       (Ch ì is exuberant) intense     is deep evil (W ù is filthy) painful disease

4. One group when there is wrongly written or mispronounced characters in singling out following term is (    )
A.   of cannot be held back is magnanimous the   that be like a bottom grows day and day
B. Strewn at random have send   inflectional an arrange   conceal one's fault for fear of criticism
C. Step-by-step   never-ending   is slow not careful
D. Plunge the people into the depths of suffering   of   perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner successive
5. Following one when there is wrongly written or mispronounced characters in every groups of terms is singled out come, its serial number is filled inside bracket
(    ) A. Know nothing about   B. C of   of indulge in dissipation. Be defeated by D of language color   slightly. Let loose a stream of abuse against sb
(    ) A. B of   of paper pen inkstone. Distain C of buy differentiate   . Mean and shameless   D. Honest and lovely
(    ) A. Irresistible   B. Distant and out of sight does not have message   C. D of clement and beneficent   . Important matter apply colours to a drawing

6. One when have a mistake to drawing line term annotate is (    )
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