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Rhetorical imitate trains
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1.With the analogy sentence the form fills write a paragraph of script, explain " criticizes the importance of his defect " constantly.
We can see achievement is complacent and self-sufficient anything but rise, we should be restrained complacent, criticize oneself shortcoming constantly.

2. The analogy below, apply not quite aptly, give please revise. Reservation wants to be noumenon with " singing " after revising.
The singing that her Na Wan turns, as flaming blaze general, moved my heart.

3. Below the character that draws a line adapts whole form.
This hamlet village, be faced with the sea that blue waves ripples, carry recumbent high mountain on the back, the forest on the high mountain is verdant.
Adapt: This hamlet village,

4. By the requirement adapting below draws the character of horizontal line. (2 minutes)
Spent the boyhood that the childhood of beg for food lives and has slept to become aware in v/arc shopowner stable, young moment has hit casual laborer in remote again, he knows what to there is to be called difficulty on the world scarcely.
[answer] adapt parallelism sentence:

5. Below 3 paragraphs of characters, the modification that him author is in bracket. The question answers after reading. (2 minutes)
(1) spin, amount of labor is not quite small, spin long meeting arm is fond of lumbar acid... (underline acerbity arm of waist of place instead " to be fond of " )
(2) (day hill) continuous thousands of lis, between ground of the tub in basin of Er of lie across accurate Ga and tower, it is capacious Xinjiang cent north and south two half. (underline ground of the tub in tower of place instead " and " of basin of accurate Ga Er)
(3) see a lot of new gentlemen from now on, hear a lot of new teaching materials. (lineation word parts fresh " of instead " unfamiliar "" )
The gain that such modification is (from A ~ D be chosen choose)
A. Around coordinate B. Vivid C. Accord with habitual D. Clear
(1) arm is fond of lumbar acid- - lumbar acerbity arm aches ()
(2) ground of the tub in basin of accurate Ga Er and tower- - ground of the tub in the tower and basin of accurate Ga Er ()
(3) new (gentleman)- - unfamiliar (gentleman) ()
(4) new (teaching materials)- - fresh (teaching materials) ()

6. Read first below a paragraph of character of sunrise of depict the sea, press next from the back the requirement that raise fills in. (3 minutes)
Early glow changes gradually thick become deep, pink color, grow reddish orange gradually, become again later for bright red. (1) and the sea and _ of _ of _ of celestial _ _ . Be in at this moment, in that Shui Tianrong is the vast distance of an organic whole, twinkling in that in the sea of light of wave of a flamboyant, (2) _ of _ of _ _ _ . When beginning, it rises very slow, (3) the Phnom Penh that A gave an arc, but, this is gilt-edged expanding immediately, enlarging B come up. To later suddenly C gave offing.
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