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The person that for reference takes an examination of to surely win in: Teacher,
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Take an examination of in, it is not only first an important matter in 3 students heart, also affecting each teachers assuming a tax and the heart of each student parents. It is to take an examination of a student apparently, also be to take an examination of teacher and parent on particular significance. Want to obtain good result, should each with respect to everybody, each doing his own job, give full cooperation.


In the student's eye, the teacher is in the dominant position of education process, the teacher majority that teachs graduation the class is rich teaching experience is medium senile teacher or the young teacher that have innovation mind. Always reviewing level, the student wants to produce enthusiasm, initiative adequately below the teacher's guidance, according to it is good to review plan and teacher to cooperate. The teacher should give a student reviewed active advantageous position, the teacher should be arranged to the student certain oneself see the book, time that makes problem, doubt. Adopt a practice, look for accurate student to inscribe the weak point of the respect such as the method and the crux of the problem in ability of ABC, basic technical ability, course, solution, suit the remedy to the case, improve reviewed efficiency.


The student revises a plan in arrangement when, want the real case according to oneself, adjust the time that each division reviews appropriately, stress a focal point. On strategy, should center energy to clutch classroom is reviewed, improve efficiency, do not review politics to make maths, review Chinese to do physics, so dispersive energy, the result is bad. Do not want a class to go up not serious, extracurricular works overtime to fill, the practice that extracurricular of the loss inside this kind of class fills, the loss outweights the gain. The tax should be revised on the society, the society arranges Baconian knowledge, form a network, communicate each other. Want to learn to grasp key, difficulty and doubtful point, the society analyses problem and the method that solve a problem, institutional draw inferences about other cases from one instance, comprehend by analogy, apply neatly, apply integratedly. Want to learn to arrange time scientificly reasonably, do not do fatigue tactics, do not want a be oblivious of the outside world, of one mind is read-only exam book.

The parent

The parent should set out from actual condition of the child, listen to the opinion of school teacher seriously, of supervisory child and teacher review directive synchronism, the lopsided circumstance that reviews scientificly each according to the child, help what the child adjusts him appropriately review a focal point. The parent should care the child's thought, body, study and psychology in the round, often maintain connection with school teacher, of clear school review plan and requirement, the study state that knows the child and thought change, arrange good life rhythm, have Zhang Youchi, strike a proper balance between work and rest, ensure Morpheus. Make up a missed lesson to looking for tutor, attend socially make up a missed lesson class, raise class question, the parent wants Shen Zhi careful, want to set out from situation of child seed time, the analysis has without necessary. The most essential is the in-house motive force of the child that start, make the child active be reviewed actively. The parent wants to be given priority to in order to encourage to the child, a bit that be good at discovering and affirms the child progresses, do not criticize blindly, censure. The parent is being reviewed for reference, fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is volunteer go up to be able to be become only give advice, cannot dry-nurse.
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