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Chinese of junior high school checks integratedly 2
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, ancient poetry article is written from memory (15 minutes)

1. Caw of warbler of a thousand li is green flush, wind of division of spirits of Guo of water village hill. , ? (" Changjiang Delta spring " )

2. , . Do-nothing in branch road, children is touched in all towel. (" the city holding the post of Sichuan that sends Du Shaofu " )

3. , . Sell charcoal to get run of Qian He place? (" old man selling charcoal " )

4. But make Long Chengfei will be in, . (" give a place of strategic importance " )

5. One male add a book to, 2 male new die in the last ditch. , ! (" stone fosse bundle " )

6. , , er comes 20 have a year. (" give a person of exemplary virtue " )

7. " old experience old and well-known family " in the sentence that can reflect Chen Shengyuan old ambition most is.

8. Liu Zongyuan is composed " the person that catch a snake says " main purpose is.

9, " humble room inscription " in two words that all gets full text are.

10. " drunk Weng Ting is written down " in the name that lends booth name chest of bosom of author of cause straight express sentence be.

2, read (55 minutes)

(One) classical Chinese article is read (15 minutes)

Read " peach blossom source is written down " , answer a question.

Forest use up fountainhead, get one mountain, hill has small opening, if,as if glazed. Abandon a ship, from buccal person. First extremely narrow, ability a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship. Answer travel tens of paces, be suddenly enlightened. Land makes the same score free from worries, house is abandoned peremptory, have the bit of bamboo of mulberry of fertile land beautiful pool. Traffic of crisscross footpaths between fields, live nearby or in the neighborhood. Among them come-and-go is planted, dress of male and female, all is like alien. Huang Fa earlies childhood and contented from happy.

See fishing person, it is big Jing, ask institute all along. Those who answer. Want to return the home, set wine to kill chicken to make feed. Hear in the village have this person, salty come ask. Avoid from cloud forefathers Qin Shi is random, person of rate wife city comes this hopeless situation, do not reappear Yan, then as removed as alien. Asking is He Shi today, do not know to have therefore Chinese, no matter Wei Jin. This person is heard to have character place one by one, all sigh sigh. Yu Ren each answer delay to its home, all give food and drink. Stop several days, resign. Cloud of this go-between language: "Inadequacy for alien also. "Inadequacy for alien also..

Go out already, get its boat, help Xiang Lu up, everywhere of annals. Reach county to fall, attainments is viceregal, say such. Viceregal namely dispatch person therewith is gone to, search to place annals, confuse then, do not regain road.

Nanyang Liu Ziji, exalted person also, wen Zhi, willingly compasses toward. Not if really, find fault eventually. The person that do not have make inquires is satisfied after.
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