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Strict besides want in the right way -- shallow the working method that talks ab
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As social development, of reform open, economic concussion, current condition appears complex rise. Meanwhile, education is immersed in bemused knead dough inevitably to face a challenge. because such, quality education mentioned a pride of place. And in the integrated quality in the student, thought quality appears important especially. What this manages the responsibility of the classmaster bear with the policymaker with respect to what decided to regard a student as the organization is great, so, how does classmaster get used to the student below new form, cogent had done their thought to teach the job? I think, should with be being given priority to strictly, in addition even quick in the right way.
Educational student with be being given priority to strictly be necessary, but besides, what to notice even? Oneself understanding talks at this point below:
One, severe and justifiable
Look from psychological angle, pupil has not finalize the design, the pure sex of the thought is strong, consideration problem often contains one-sided sex. Connecting general reason condition to fall so, the student must comply with of classmaster teach, the strict requirement that raises by classmaster undertakes developing. Strict requirement, high level is not an individual star-chamber, the teacher said to calculate, the rational that teachs the speech under the principle however, go and have according to, this undertakes to the student with respect to need teacher a large number of thoughts teach the job. When the teacher is handling an issue, appropriate is much from the proceed with on the truth, between a kind of equality, harmonious, democratic atmosphere, help student understands a reason, establish the concept of true life, know for the motherland work energetically study, each students that make a class collective are in heart, wisdom, the respect such as body gets full-scale development.
2, father and have feeling
Suhuomulinsiji has said Russia educationist before: "The teacher cannot be the person of a chill callosity. " touching heart person, affection of nothing is more... than. Generally speaking, when the teacher is handling individual work, often set out from all sorts of affection angle. But go up in the issue that handles educational student, a few too severe teachers often appear not show mercy, when saying reason even. This give no cause for more criticism, but to the student they connect regular meeting stay at a respectful distance from sb, perhaps be being shown is obedient apparently, but have in the heart actually collide or go against the mood that return and teacher " to dry " . Because this is in " strict " thematic in, the teacher must be necessary " affection " will regard as " assist achieve " . If a student made a mistake, and the method that solves a problem has two kinds: It is come straight to the point, ruthless gravity is criticized; It is to be covered first " the daily life of a family " go gracefuling and restrained again point out, the way to deal with a situation of each other trade. So, hind the effect of a kind of method may betterer. If this handles a student to be able to feel his teacher is of reasonable, the teacher's criticism is well-meaning, the teacher's opinion can be accepted. Make repeatedly to those of course or now and then the student that err, the teacher is used " affection " measure and heft should be because of the person different. Anyhow, the teacher is unfavorable " set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve, easily board have black face " , should write down prison " those who move with affection " " good faith place comes, inscriptions is " educational principle.
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