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There is a cloud on the sky of sky blue, really cloudless. Spring came, wild goose is incendiary beautiful wing, flew from south. I stand on the rostrum of campus, close an eye, as it happens slightly wind is blown, feel extremely comfortable.
Spring came, the tree sprouted. The overgrow on poplar thickly dotted gemmule, crossed gemmule a few days to become small wafer. Blast has been blown, the leaf on poplar sways rise, resemble greeting sb with people. Leave on yulan magnolia tree full the flower of pink, sending out blast a faint scent, small grass from the arch in the ground come out, pale green and pale green, walk above special and comfortable. Leave in brushwood full floret, have pink, purple, red, white, dark red. . . . . . Extremely good-looking.
Spring came, I like spring.

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