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Yu Yongzheng of famous and fancy teacher " halcyon " education admires analyse
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What current Chinese classroom education pays attention to is cognitive activity of the student, often ignore the student's immanent interest experience, make the student needs to cannot get in the certain spirit in classroom activity contented. Actually, the study life form of high school student of education of classroom of elementary school Chinese includes acknowledge not just, still include to experience, a variety of forms such as experience, introspection. This reminds us, classroom education should reflect the life on content not only, the angle that should note the thought from the student, feeling, desire more will comprehend the life. Accordingly, a kind of relaxed, harmony, humor, pleasant classroom atmosphere is created in classroom education very necessary, the student can be planted in this lively study and hunting try hard in rude and unreasonable atmosphere. The education of Chinese appeal, let a student understand an implied meaning even " affection " where be, "Interesting " be in where. Of education of Mr. Yu Yongzheng " halcyon " one class gives us a lot of inspiration in these respects.

One, buckle read guide realize, numerate appeal

Recite training at what the teacher takes pupil seriously very much, its train skill to have original place quite.

The first, be good at those who bring a student into play reading enthusiasm.

Master: Classmates, " halcyon " one class prepare lessons before class? Who knows " emerald green " what meaning be?

Unripe: "Emerald green " , be green.

Master: Why to cry " halcyon " ? When prepare lessons before class, a few times did you read the book? (" 3 " , " 4 " , " 5 " )

Master: Was new word known?

Unripe: Knew.

Master: Solved new word, be marvelous! Who is willing to read the text to me to listen? To give a teacher a surprise, do to everybody a few time practice reading had been read?

Unripe: Be good!

"Solved new word, marvelous " it is pair of affirmation of serious prepare lessons before class before student class; "To give a teacher a surprise, to everybody a few time practice reading read " put forward taller practice to read a requirement. Classmates to give a teacher " a surprise " , natural actively practices seriously reading.

Master: A classmate is asked to read below read the first nature paragraph. (unripe read slightly)

Master: Read first-rately! You numerate halcyon characteristic came, can see you like very much halcyon. Still have what read weller than him? Than. Be willing to compare. Hey, you why not raise one's hand?

Unripe: Read badly.

Master: Modest. Try boldly.

(unripe read: Halcyon on the reed stalk that likes to stop in water edge, a pair of gules small claw capture reed stalk closely. )

Master: Listen to you to read the first, was stupefied me, look, my within an inch of was duped you. You are much richer to halcyon feeling!
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