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In teacher and student of elementary school mathematics how to reflect " mathema
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" mathematical courses standard " pay close attention to a student to acquire the mathematical ABC that gets used to prospective society place to need and skill very, pay close attention to a student to wait for the full-scale development of the respect in affection, manner, viewpoint of value and general ability very, this posed grim challenge to means of method of education idea, teaching, education. In activity of teacher and student of elementary school mathematics, set out from life reality of the student, strengthen practice activity, develop mathematical consciousness of the student and the capacity that use mathematical knowledge to solve a problem, this since comes true " mathematical courses standard " target, it is the important way that executive quality teachs. In practice of teacher and student of elementary school mathematics, I am in reflect " mathematical courses standard " the respect was made the following these attempts.

One, the maths in couplet Mi life, participate in consciousness and mathematical consciousness actively what train a student.

The life is maths, maths lives namely. Learn textbook to hang a hook with life maths, let a student realise learning maths is for the exam not just, for tall cent, however to use maths, let a student arise to do not have the intense consciousness of the life without maths. Sometimes, I ask the student comes home first the house that sees oneself, the graph makes the building of neighbour by what, tell them next, when building craftsman is designing these buildings, have specific measurement number and computation. Students came home to make meticulous observation not only, and the father and mother that asked oneself to the place that does not know. Sometimes, I make a student respective take a few leaves to reach the school again, let their observation think, guide them to discover the appearance of a lot of objects is axial symmetry graph from which next, finished the teaching job of knowledge of axial symmetry graph smoothly not only so, and there is maths everywhere in letting students understand the life, arouse students to love maths as a child greatly thereby, learn the maths, affection that uses maths, fostered person ginseng and the consciousness that learn and use mathematical knowledge self-consciously at real life.

2, heavy creativity carries out an activity, expand the student's fancy and innovation capacity.

Did not carry out an activity, have creation impossibly. Mathematical teacher and student should get used to the modern society requirement to talent quality, answer everything sets out actually from the student, study a student, encourage a student to be explored actively, be brave in to innovate. Union is paid attention to in education the life is real, begin creativity to carry out an activity, let learn vivid hand beat one's brains, with respect to the fancy that can admit a student and innovation ability. When the circumference that is like imam square, I send every student a 50 centimeters long iron wire, the rectangle that lets every student be surrounded with this iron wire (without) of odd iron wire, look frequently, the rectangle that who surrounds is much? Classmates interest times add, everybody starts work, beat one's brains, move back and forth, computation, eristic... the answer that alternates thinking means and angle thought up a lot of differring, realize without giving thought to,went out rectangular length, wide how to change, its circumference is secured is 50 centimeters, this kind of practice activity that inscribes much solution is helpful for fostering the flexibility of student thinking, extensity, also be helpful for increasing the consciousness of student application maths and capacity. Accordingly, the student should be encouraged in education bold envisage, foster the observation of student acumen and rich fancy, be opposite especially new discovery of the student, new creation, I always offer sufficient affirmation, make the student feels he is the host of study. Be like again, saying fractional division, I discover the student is very fathomless " a number is divided with the mark, why is business more than dividend? " I cited a such case: 10 inside a few are there 2? A few 1? A few 1/2? A few 1/4? Let a student spread out discuss. Understand to allow a student, I showed a few cards to show, let the dais on 4 students be being taken. The first card is shown: 1The 2nd card shows 0 ÷ 2=5; : 1The 3rd card shows 0 ÷ 1=10; : 1The 4th card shows 0 ÷ 1/2=20; : 10 ÷ 1/4=40. Gabble ground discusses the students after seeing a card show, everybody eagerly raise one's hand makes a speech. A student that waits in achievement at ordinary times replies: Divisor of? of pagoda tree of  of  of bosom of Quan  is bigger, a number that divisor includes in dividend is smaller, divisor is smaller, a number that divisor includes in dividend is more. " a student that learns difference at ordinary times replies unexpectedly: Divisor of? of pagoda tree of  of ammoniac bosom  by big decrescent, business instead by small greaten. " of course, the student with a common outstanding study made generalize thoroughly: When dark  back  throws? , business is equal to dividend; to be more than when divisor 1 when, business is less than dividend; when divisor 1 when, business is more than dividend. " to 3 students I gave praise, let whole class classmate applause the success study that congratulates them. Meanwhile, still let a student undertake commenting on to their discovery, answer. Classmates are special admire them to be good at thinking, the study character that is good at discovering the law. Students' active thinking, deep reflection is fostered gradually in such study circumstances. Teaching benefits teachers as well as students, my education level also gets rising gradually in this one process.
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