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Shallow the education that talks about student innovation consciousness
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One, submit teaching method, foster innovation consciousness
Contemporary creation makes clear theoretically, creating consciousness is the premise of creation and foundation, its acquisition is not to rely on impart or be handgrip hand to teach. Rely on the edification method of exert a subtle influence on in classroom education however, in letting a student learn a process in what experience ceaselessly, try to foster gradually get.
The knowledge on book studies a method with what the teacher imparts, it is the summary of forefathers wisdom and experience mostly, serious " accept " and successive these experience are very necessary, not serious " accept " the manufacturing experience with successive older generation and social experience of life, human society cannot develop not only, and impossible existence goes down. The definition of study is " show what cause by experience or exercise is individual the change in ability or tendency respect " . Here " experience " the knowledge that incorporated successive forefathers to must come by practice or skill, look from this meaning, can know " accept " how significant proportion is had in study with successive forefathers experience.
But " accept " the knowledge that be equal to is blind machinery engrafts and skill is imitated, the student also is not a pure intellectual container, the knowledge that must gives to forefathers summary and skill think somewhat and improve. Because human society always is ceaseless of perfect, ceaseless innovation, ceaseless progress. Won't stay on a level forever, otherwise the mankind progresses impossibly, because this wants to learn the experience of forefathers already, cannot " on division of alone book, alone, alone " , learning and accede while should encourage a student bold doubt, cast off the fetter of traditional thinking means, on the foundation of forefathers experience and wisdom spurt gives out the scintilla of innovation. The essence of innovation, be pair of reality surmount. Want to surmount reality, be about to be provided alone to reality " captious " with " critically " eye, the defect that discovers a thing is a kind of scientific character, because this can say, doubt is the breach of innovation, it is the main motive force that urges social progress, because have " doubt " just have " think of " , have " think of " just open " new " , any new things result from the dissatisfaction of pair of old things, be pregnant with is oppugned at what be not worth to original thing, in the process that developing student innovation consciousness so, education student is bold doubt is very important.
2, set situation, foster innovation consciousness
Innovation consciousness is a kind of psychology tendency that discovers problem, active hunting. The innovation consciousness that accordingly I think to want to train a student is about to be in education process ceaselessly activate problem scene, give a student the time of doubt and space more, encourage a student bold query, guide him student to come doubt of resolve a doubt, solution. Let a student realize creation imagination on the foundation that thinks adequately, improve innovation quality of the student thereby. Einstein says: "Raise a question, often more important than solving a problem. " if guide in new tax fashionable the teacher is purposeful conciously activate problem scene, pose cognitive conflict of the student, bring the student into the scene of the problem, make learn to production gives birth to curious need and discover a problem, raise a question, for the student the bud of innovation consciousness offers a possibility. Exemple: Education " can by the 2 features with 5 divide exactly " when, the teacher raises such question to the student: "Want you to be able to speak a number only, I know it whether by 2 or 5 divide exactly. " stem from strong curiosity, the student is being grabbed speak larger number, teacher of pose of do one's best, when the teacher quickly judgement comes out hind, the student's curiosity is changed into curious desire, ask a teacher in succession: "Why can be you judged so that allow again fast? " want to know among them secret very much, learned actively thereby can by the feature of the 2 number with 5 divide exactly. Because generated strong interest to learning, did some students still put forward " can by 3, 7, 9, 11, ... does the number that waits for divide exactly also have a feature? " what the student innovates is subliminal get shoot immediately.
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