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The comparison of decimal size " education design
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Education content: Fraction counts those who learn the 8th decimal size to compare exemple of the 102nd page 5, exemple 6

Education purpose: The comparison that makes the student grasps decimal magnitude method, can compare decimal size correctly, education student has ordinal ground to think, discussion problem.

Education key: Grasp decimal magnitude correctly relative method.

Education difficulty: Size of proper use decimally compares a method to undertake comparative decimal size.

Education process:

One, activate circumstances, guide new tax (3Minute)

1, Mr. Wu took 300 yuan of money to buy a bike, the price of a bicycle is 286 yuan, is the money that excuse me division takes enough? (the student answers, division writing on blackboard 300 with 286, let what the student says integer compare a method)

2, fill between two number on ">" or "<" , are you how relative? (exercise)

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