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Small shears will help
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Small dot is hoping what grow indefinitely is linear, it do not know how to run ability is good to do not know how to run ability. He is going perpetually, in the heart very anxious.

"Child, if you are not willing to go perpetually, can ask small shears to help. " dot of linear side roundlet considered a plan.

"Where is small shears? " small dot asks.

"This not, came. " say point-blank.

One's voice in speech just fell, the beautiful small shears of a black, was like the ground to fly from far like small swallow.

Small shears is fat fat figure, pointed thin leg, walk along a road to shake place, his two tactics is forked waist, smilingly ground says: "Small do not nod, do you look for me what to thing there is? Do you look for me what to thing there is??

"Not, I do not cry small do not nod, I call roundlet the dot. " small dot says.

"Good, I call you small dot. Does roundlet nod you to want me to help you? Does roundlet nod you to want me to help you??

You can linear clipping?

"Can! " saying, ca of small shears Ka, linear clipping.

"Oh! Find a head, find a head! " small dot cry rises.

"Ka Ca " small shears was cut again.

"Really amused! What do this become point-blank? Have two build, there is build here, there also is build there. What do this call? " small dot is making gladly asking.

"This makes line segment. " small shears says.

"Oh! Line segment, line segment, from go up point-blank cut comes down a paragraph. " small dot is repeating gladly. He goes up in line segment 跶 of 蹓 跶 蹓 , a that when take line segment from a this of line segment, went several times back and forth.

"With a ha breath out... really amused! " small shears also is laughing to patting a hand to singing:

"Line segment line segment,

Linear one paragraph,

Two end points,

Have long have short. Have long have short..

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