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The psycho of process of learning of elementary school maths (below)
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3, mathematical knowledge maintain

1. Retentive meaning.

The mathematical knowledge that the maintenance of mathematical knowledge is told simply even if already had learned stores mediumly in memory. Maintaining is one of mathematical learning process important segment, it is to already knew the knowledge that write down to consolidate and save the process that come down in brains, but the simple ground that maintaining is not the knowledge to already learning is illuminated unvarnished remember, because " the process that maintaining is not passivity, the elapse as time, retentive content can produce the change of amount and quality, reflected person head to write down the active treatment of material to knowing thereby. "

Hold the position with be had very significant in process of learning of elementary school maths and action, did not count those who learn knowledge to maintain the application that does not have mathematical knowledge not only, the perception that connects mathematical knowledge and understanding also are without a meaning. In a word, did not maintain what do not have mathematical knowledge to master.

2. Stimulative maths knowledge is retentive basic approach.

Because maintain,come true through memory, the maintenance that promotes mathematical knowledge so basically is to pass significant step to raise a student to remember efficiency, the mathematical knowledge that has learned place in brains is saved well come down. The method of this respect and way are very much, discuss below talk a few main ways.

(1) deepen understanding to promote memory.

Understanding is memorial foundation, the intellectual ability that understood only forms long-term memory, save in brains come down. Apparent, deepen the understanding of mathematical knowledge, the common sense of the substaintial attribute that understands a concept deeply and principle is implementation maths knowledge retentive basic approach, this asks we take student logarithm seriously to learn intellectual understanding highly, let a student make clear process of the happening of mathematical knowledge, development as far as possible, the memory of mathematical knowledge is promoted on this foundation. If learn " circumferential rate " when, cut the import that understands circumferential rate with respect to Ying Xianshen, the substaintial attribute that makes clear week of rate is the ratio of the diameter that points to round circumference and it, and this ratio is a changeless constant, with " π " will express. What remember so is the meaning of circumferential rate, is not its name, also not be a letter " π " , not be number more " 3. 14 " .

Promote memory with understanding even special attention a problem: When recollecting mathematical knowledge, if advocating a student to use his, go stating the meaning of the connotation that recollects a concept and principle, need not ask they are recited according to the regulation on textbook. Can raise memorial level of the student not only so, return the habit that can make their nurturance understands memory, enhance the consciousness that understands memory and ability.
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