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Alma mater, I love you!
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Work content: Alma mater, I love you!
Step into this divine land for the first time
Little heart is full of hope for
Every unforgettable day
Have sweet memory

Vibrant early spring
I am a seed on your land
Again in the spring breeze of your He Xi, the vigor of bud youth

Passionate flaming midsummer
I am a sapling in your forest
In you warm sunshine falls, keep the track that grow

Of great achievements again and again fall
I am a fructification in your field
In your glittering and translucent dew, enjoy successful sweetness

Silver-coated cold winter
I am the pure elf in your sky
In hazy the pride of the morning, probe prospective mystery

Ah! Alma mater, I am the puerile horses in your bosom
You are I gallop the day ladder of a thousand li
No matter where I walk along in the future
I can be sentimentally attached to deeply you

Full name or nickname: Qiu Lou
Contact an address: Heibei visits elementary school of grade of Baoding city advance guard

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