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Chongqing generated by high school junior at the University Diploma tutor
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The student is only 15 years old, was appointed Education Center Sand Area with "academic assistant" because the false identity was only exposed to steal the computer. Did not finish the first two days to drop out of a 15-year-old, even by Beijing Normal University fake diplomas, Teacher, candidates become the center of Sand Area with education, "academic assistant", as two high school tutors. Until yesterday he was taken to the police station for the computer theft investigations, false identity was only exposed. "Assistant Registrar" stolen computer Yesterday morning, Mr. Jiang Shapingba police station received a report, saying he stole a laptop Qinmou Education Center Area with any of the sand now, "Assistant Senate." Qinmou back to the police investigation immediately. Jiang and Qinmou in the sand area sharing a house. Qinmou is moved to the end of July, he claimed to Beijing Normal University () graduates, just got a focus on secondary schools, Jiang believed. August 10, Mr. Jiang to Chengdu on business the next day he came home and found his laptop computer and Qinmou one disappeared, only reported the matter. 200 bought two false documents In the police station, Qinmou admitted stealing the computer. Police prepared for filing in its criminal detention, and found he used a fake identity card. After investigation, "Qinmou" In fact, last name Du, Jilin Jiaohe City, is currently still under 16 years old, did not finish junior high school second year, the carry is fake diplomas and Teacher. Yesterday, the reporters at the police station to see the appearance of aging and the Dumou. Dumou told reporters that their performance has been good, elementary school graduation exam in English is also the first school. But later divorced parents were migrant workers, few care about him, he did not finish the first two days on the dropped out. July 21 this year, Dumou to Taiyuan to find her father did not find to come to Chongqing. As always wanted to be teachers, he spent 200 yuan in Taiyuan bought two false documents, and finally, with his two false, successfully recruited to the sandy area specializes in tutoring this tuition education center. High school students self-taught university courses It is reported that yesterday, when police found Dumou, he was writing as a high school student tuition. A two days of dropping out of school youth, how to give high school seniors making up it? Dumou said he loved the language, has been self-completed third year of professional courses in Chinese. Education Centre to the interview, the interviewer also praised him for his verbal ability, good written word, through the written test was only hired. Yesterday, the education center is indeed an official said Dumou entry through the examination. Dumou male students is a third year, the first day of lecture, students reflect the true parents satisfied. Subsequently, the Dumou tutorial a 4 for students high school language courses. Dumou said, for this 4 class, his collection of information everywhere, every night into the night preparing lessons, a full written more than 40 pages. "Language lessons Well, not that the explanation about the author, writing background, creative thinking? I just follow the syllabus to the students repeat once again on the line." Dumou said. As Dumou is a minor, police are now to contact their parents to get back. If no guardian, Dumou will be sent to the relief stations.
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